Alternate Traffic and Information Sources

With a lot of talk of search engine traffic doing the rounds in the blogosphere, it’s probably a good time to talk about alternate sources of traffic, and information.

Most bloggers need information, and because of that, have to become good at sourcing it. Again, most bloggers have time problems: There simply isn’t enough of it! So they end up, like me, using all manner of aggregated RSS subs to cast a wider net, and avoid the individual blog subscription if possible. Well ok, you may not, but I do ok? heh..

WIth that, comes the realization that being IN these alternate, aggregate sources is potentially very beneficial for gaining links, and hence traffic.

Some of My Favorites

Currently i use:

  • – sub by topic, naturally
  • Memeorandum – only really good for tech in my opinion
  • Blognicient – again best for tech conversation tracking and
  • a whole slew of Advanced searches from Yahoo News
  • Google News and of course
  • and
  • my current absolute favorite research tool, MyWeb2.0

to lessen the load.

To be fair, they dont bring in a lot of traffic, but the traffic they do bring is very targetted, and thus more likely to link, making it much more valuable than a random search query from google, but not as valuable as a personal recommendation or citation in the post of another blogger.

Your Turn!

Ok, so much of that may not be so revelationary to some of you, but come on, i’ve shown you mine, let’s hear about any nice little sources of info/traffic you have secreted away in your feed reader…

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