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Today I stumbled across a website called I decided to check it out after noticing quite a few blog posts commenting that the site delivered a surge in traffic after their site was added to the AlphaInventions system. So what is this site all about? was created by Cheru Jackson who was a bored 20 something that created AI as an experiment to see if Bloggers and their audience could connect in real-time. As Cheru mentions, if you were to leave a comment on a blog post soon after the post was published, you have a very good chance of getting noticed by that blog author and connecting with them. I agree although the chances of connecting go way down with the inclusion of scheduled posts.

So how does it work? has a spot at the top of the browser which is like a dashboard. Blogs which have been submitted by individuals that have recently been updated appear in the window below the dashboard for about 5-10 seconds. Then, a new site is loaded. So far, I’ve logged about 250 blog views on the site. While it doesn’t seem like all blog posts are hot off the press as I noticed some which were published a day or two ago, most of the blogs presented to the visitor do live up to the sites purpose. Also, if you see a blog post of interest and forget to hit the pause button, you’ll be hard pressed to find it again as there is no way to navigate amongst the entries.

I can easily see how it could be addicting to just sit on the page and watch blog updates whiz by as they happen. The feeling of being first to read content produced by someone is sort of a weird experience, one that apparently many people share and enjoy considering the large amounts of traffic blogs that have been submitted to the system enjoy.

As an experiment, I added the site to the list while at the same time, monitoring the traffic in real time with the Spy feature found in Pmetrics. As soon as the site was submitted, I noticed a 10-20 visitors immediately hitting the site. I’ll update this post to reflect how much traffic was received after this update goes through the AI system. Also wanted to let you know that I tried submitting the URL to my WPTavern Forum and it went through. I immediately saw 10-20 people hit the forum front page.

I also wanted to mention that AI has an interesting way of making money. When you submit a site to their system, you are taken to a page which contains an explanation as to the site that was bumped out of the rotation as well as two Paypal buttons. You can purchase a AIID# which will enable you to keep your site within their rotation system for much longer than if it were submitted for free.


AlphaInventions seems like a Blog version of StumbleUpon both in terms of how it works but it remains to be seen if you’ll receive the same amount of traffic or more. However, just like StumbleUpon or Digg, the traffic doesn’t seem sticky. Still, an increase in numbers for your monthly stats is nice no matter how you do it as long as it came from a natural occurrence.

If you happen to submit your blog to AlphaInventions, please leave a comment and report on your experiment.

21 thoughts on “AlphaInventions – New Way To Get Traffic?

  1. @Cheru, I just wanted to say that that was great advise you gave rocket. I don’t want to sound like a smart butt because that is not my intentions, when or are you going to spice up the way Alphainventions looks. I think you could attract more users that way. I am sure you know this so I will be on my way.

    Great service by the way 😀

  2. People have to be attracted to your blog in order for them to have any interest.

    I checked your blog out, and I see that you have a basic template that was provided by your blogging platform, and there are no images, videos, or anything creative. Oh yeah…. content.

    I think you may need to do a little research on website psychology.

  3. I cannot understand the point of Alpha Inventions. I have used it for a few weeks and this is what has happened. On one of the first days I got five thousand hits, It then settled down to daily hits of about 200. But my stats info says my most read posts amount to only about ten views a day and there are almost no comments at all.

    So can someone explain what on earth is the point of accumulating spoof hits caused just by your blog appearing repeatedly for a couple of seconds and virtually never being actually read by a genuinely interested reader ? It is completely pointless and very misleading as you can see from what everyone else is saying.

  4. I think this project could evolve quite nicely. Certainly a nice earner for Cheru.
    Slower cycle rate is a commonly requested change.
    Some css design for the top frame would be useful too, it looks awful.
    Overall, good job.

  5. Great idea! Now how does it work? I put in my URL, but got a pop-up window that says I need to complete steps 1 and 2,which I didn’t see. And what is AIID#?

  6. Well I gave it a go also and found that yes I did receive some traffic from it. It is only a short term thing. It is an interesting idea to have something going like this. Gave me a few ideas on how it would be nice to be able to have all your blogs linked together and then have one program that would have the comments live on your site. Will have to look into this.

    Reverse Phone Guy

  7. The first time I noticed Alphainventions was when I saw around 16-18 visitors referred by the website. I decided to investigate the source and found this unique website, something I had never seen before. Since then, I have received around 8-10 visitors on a regular basis. All I do is publish a post and update Alphainvention’s engine.

  8. Thanks for the interesting post. It seem like an idea with potential. I must admit it seems a bit confusing and like it would benefit from some tweaks to me, but a good start. If it could start to understand you (as a user) and show you sites you are likely to like that seems like it would offer a much more compelling draw to potential users.

  9. If numbers are all you’re going for, then this is great.

    Here’s what I’ve noticed though:
    1) the blogs are refreshed too quickly to engage a viewer
    2) a noticeable increase in traffic, but looking at the stats shows that it’s the same few users – 50 visits from the same 4 people in an auto-refreshing frame doesn’t do anyone any good
    3) it would be incredibly easy to “game” this system, setting up scripts to automatically submit throwaway sites while knocking out legitimate blogs
    4) there’s no validation of sites that are submitted – how long before it gets filled with pages containing malware?

    I’m honestly not sure what the benefit you think this site will provide to bloggers. Artificially inflated stats from untargeted and non-engaged sources?

  10. It seems someone submitted a New York Times blog and it breaks frames. So I clicked on your link once and this blog was the second one that loaded. So I reloaded the page, it was the second one that loaded on the second try also.

  11. A little math I don’t think you understand how it works. There is no database at

    Even If 1 million people submitted at once, a large percentage of blogs submitted will be viewed almost instantly.

  12. Let’s say this was even vaguely popular and only a million people submitted their blogs to this. At a 5 second display rate, it would take 5 million seconds to cycle around to your blog again. That’s 11 and a half days.. and that’s with only a million blogs.

    How much exposure is that realistically?

  13. Alpha Inventions is not to be confused with one time submission services. There are multiple ways to keep readers coming back to your blog via

  14. I didn’t notice much of a traffic boost after the initial submission so I’m not sure how good this is as a good way to boost traffic. Seems to be a temporary thing.

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