Alexa Rankings Go Through Major Shift

Anyone else notice that Alexa rankings shifted around BIG TIME?

I did. And you know what? I think the new algorithm they are using does a much better job of capturing actual traffic volume across niches.

Whereas in the past Alexa has been heavily weighted towards Tech and Internet niches (making many sites in these niches look more popular than they really are), I think the new algorithm actually allows for comparative analysis across niches.

That’s a major breakthrough and one more reason I’ll keep on keeping my eye on the Alexa graph for my sites as evidence of progress.

6 thoughts on “Alexa Rankings Go Through Major Shift

  1. My site’s rank roughly jumped 40K. For a while, I stopped caring about Alexa because I couldn’t get my rank to stay above ~80K even though my traffic was increasing consistently, and I stopped doing anything to help keep it up. Even though my normal traffic continued to increase since I did so, my Alexa rank plummeted. With these changes I might actually start to pay attention to it again.

  2. Ryan,

    I had made the same observation on a couple other blogs where they were criticizing the change. Certain tech and marketing niches where users tended to be more likely to have an Alexa bar were listed much more highly than other less techie/marketing related niches. I think it’s a great improvement.

    Good for you.

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