Woopra: Website Analytics Can Be Absolutely Beautiful

Woopra is a new startup that is doing something quite impressive with typical website analytics. While there is only so much more information that can be gathered with current analytics platforms, one of the most popular ways to improve is by enhancing the interface and display of data. Currently in beta, Woopra does exactly that.

My first impressions lead me to believe it will be an impressive application, and it is just so much fun to know exactly what visitors are doing instantly. The signup process was pretty easy, but if you decide to join, you will have to wait to be approved. After getting everything squared off, I installed a few lines of code to the footer of my site, and I was ready to go.

Image Credit: Woopra

Most impressive is the desktop application that is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. It is the command center of your site analysis. As a matter of fact, after downloading and starting the desktop application for the very first time, the movie War Games instantly came to my mind. It is very nicely done, and it has a very futuristic theme to it. I do, however, think that the interface would do well with the ability to arrange individual sections to your own liking, but it is only a beta release. Overall, I was very impressed.

Now, there are a few catches if you decide to use Woopra: if you are looking for a web-based solution, you will likely want to avoid Woopra as the downloadable application is where the fun is at; Woopra is very likely (as it states on their website) to be moving to a pay model after the product leaves beta, and this means that those who want the best features or have many visitors are going to pay a price for it; and finally, during the beta period (which is right now) you can only have one site registered with the service.

Woopra might never exceed the popularity of a service like Google Analytics or even Performancing Metrics, but it certainly is a fascinating experience with the very short experience I have had with it.

If you want to see what Woopra looks like, you should check out this video by Cali Lewis of Geebrief.tv when she discusses Woopra with Neal Campbell:

If you think Woopra looks interesting, then you will want to stick around as I will be reviewing Woopra very soon while I put it through the paces.

10 thoughts on “Woopra: Website Analytics Can Be Absolutely Beautiful

  1. Great Article. analysis ! I Appreciate the facts , Does someone know if I would be able to obtain a blank a form form to fill out ?

  2. > When I began using Feedburner to track my stats, my google analytics stopped tracking.

    There must be something wrong in your configuration. I have one site where both live nicely side by side.

  3. When I began using Feedburner to track my stats, my google analytics stopped tracking. Can websites only be tracked by one data service at a time? By getting Woopra would my Feedburner stop working?

  4. You must be approved. It is a beta.

    @Amitabh, you are only allowed to use it for one site. So, therefore, you would not be approved for both sites anyways.

    As for the company not being serious… well, after seeing all these other services that are given millions of dollars on TechCrunch, I think that Woopra is one of the more interesting and useful ones. We shall see.

  5. I submit my website 3 weeks ago but I cannot still use this tool… Statut is still “pending approval”. Also for my other site for which i use my gmail id. Dint come through.

    I dont think Woopra is a serious tool or company

  6. @Vinh Le

    For those that are currently using Google Analytics, I am not sure if this will be a big draw for them. I do think it will appeal to those that really want to know what people do on their site the second it happens. If your site is pretty popular, I think it might be too much to handle.

    Speaking of which, I should add that if you have more than 10,000 daily views, the views after 10,000 will not be counted during the beta period. It is all FYI.

    I’ll have to keep it running for a few days to get a real feel for how it stacks up.

  7. I will give it a shot and see how it works. I do love my google analytics though and do I really need more numbers to stare at?

  8. There are a few things I want to add that I didn’t get around to when writing this article:

    The chat functionality is quite fascinating. It will be useful to some people and pointless to others. It all depends on how personal you want to get with your readers.

    There will likely be a pro version of Woopra, but I am sure that most of the basic functionality will be available to any user for free. The cost might increase as the number of visitors increases to a site, or there might be additional functionality for the pro users, but nothing is set in stone. Hopefully it remains cheaper than alternative services.

    You may only have one site registered during the beta period. There is a possibility that you could pay to have more sites tracked in the future, but hopefully this is not the case.

    There is a simple WordPress plugin that will make things easy for those that do not want to insert any code.

    Woopra does not support WordPress.com, but there is hope by the staff that this will be a different story in the future.

    The Woopra desktop client is java-based.

    So, if anyone else wants to share their thoughts, opinions, or criticisms, please feel free to do so.

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