Add a Candle, Spin Some Music

I’ve really been in a writing funk lately.

Part of this has to do with my notorious tendency to juggle ten too many responsibilities at once, but part of it is that I just haven’t felt positive about my writing lately.

So what do you do when you’re down on yourself? When you feel like you don’t have anything worthwhile left to say?

6 thoughts on “Add a Candle, Spin Some Music

  1. Perhaps you should take a break and try meditating with some candles light to creat the peaceful atmoshpere? Handling too many responsibilities and rushing yourself is only going to wear you out…

  2. Take a break. While I realize it’s not possible for everyone to do this, I don’t see any point in forcing yourself to write when you really can’t. Instead, relax, pursue other hobbies for a few days, treat yourself to some nice food and spend time around the people you love. Maybe then you can start writing again.

  3. Feelings like this come and go. Sometimes I think it could be the seasons, sometimes it is burnout, sometimes lack of sleep (the daylight savings switchover just happened here, always throws my sleep out). Get rest, do something non-bloggy. Go for a jog, get fresh air.

    Soon you will have a little ‘un to take you out of your fug, but also a cause of some tiredness too

  4. Your title flipped me out because my record player and candles (no joke) are behind my desk. They used to be in my bedroom, but they help me work, so I moved them. Listening to records does help me work, but not when I’m feeling all sucky about my writing. When that happens I usually do one of three things; go back and read my most popular posts at my favorite blog – because it reminds me I can write well when I’m in the flow. Two, I’ll surf my favorite blogs by other bloggers. Three I’ll let it go and do something like a link love post, which is easy, and if I’m lucky will inspire me to write something equally as nice. Last month I dropped a gig that was stressing me and that’s improved my writing mood too. But that’s not a typical move on my part – it may work for you though since you note you’re juggling.

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