A Resource To Cutdown Your Bounce Rates

In typical analytical programs such as pMetrics, you’ll find one metric that is known as the “bounce rate“. This is usually measured as an average amount of time a user spends on your site. Some analytical programs even measure percentages of bounce rates depending on how many page views it takes for a unique visitor to leave the site.

Of course, having a lower bounce rate is much better than a higher rate which is a good reason to check out an article that was published over at the ConversionRateExperts site entitled 14 free tools that reveal why people abandon your website. The article takes an in depth look at a series of tools to not only identify why visitors are leaving your site so fast, but also to figure out how to get them to stick around longer.

The bounce rates on my blog tend to be pretty high as most of my site traffic leaves the blog within 1-5 page views. However, most of that is due to StumbleUpon traffic that is here today, gone tomorrow with no interest in browsing around the site anymore than they have to. Another factor that can contribute to a high bounce rate is search engine traffic. However, I tend to be confused as there are two ways in which to take with regards to the search engine angle. The first is that, people are searching and then finding my blog and they get it right on the first try. This means they get what they want, then they leave. The second angle is that, there are many people who are coming across my blog within the search engines and it doesn’t have what they were looking for so they move on. See how this is a slippery slope?

At any rate, the tools listed within that article should help to answer those types of questions. If you have any tips on how to decrease the bounce rate for blogs, let me know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “A Resource To Cutdown Your Bounce Rates

  1. I think the bounce rate for health programs is higher than your average site. The reason being that I feel there’s much higher competition, and more choices of products available for such a niche as weight loss than compared to even money programs. The weight loss industry is a very big money pool, and so big companies tend to take most of the eReal Estate online, and hence why the smaller sites probably have a higher bounce rate.

  2. I’ve heard of many of these tools but never have taken the time. But Crazyegg is new and sounds like a good tool to also help optimize my adsense sites.

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