6 Link Building Tips For Local SEO

If you are looking to get into the crucial local ‘3-pack’ on Google then you are going to need not just great reviews and feedback from the locals but also excellent links. Here’s 6 tips on how to get them.

Reach out to local bloggers

This should actually be your first port of call, reach out to bloggers and publications in your area and let them know about your business. Keep in mind that the bigger the blog or website the more emails they will be getting each day so don’t be surprised if you don’t get an immediate reply! If you have some unique information or data on the local area that relates to your business then ask them if they would like this data written up into a blog post that they can publish. If you are organizing an event (see below) then let them know about it and don’t forget to invite them!

Extra tip: Offer some free exposure to the blog or publication at your event and they will most likely do the same in return. This doesn’t have to be reciprocal linking though, they could have their logo on the sides of the cups people use or t-shirts could be given out with their brand on and in return they blog about the event!

Attend an event or meetup

You should always be networking so this is a no-brainer. Go to as many SME meetups as you can as well as any others related to your industry. Talk to people, grab business cards and start following these people on social media. Check out Meetup.com to find out whats going on in your areas as well as the local press.

Host your own event

If no events related to your business are being held in your local area then this is a prime opportunity to get more exposure and media mentions along with all the links that come with it! This doesn’t have to be a formal event either, a social gathering at times such as Christmas or Easter for people in the local community will also work.

Create a resource page

Put together an awesome page of content on something really useful to local people in the area, if you run a wine business then what about an infographic map of all the best Italian restaurants in the area? If you have an outdoors shop then a list post on all the best biking & running trails locally would go down a storm with fitness enthusiasts, don’t forget to share across your social channels and even look at some extra paid boosting on Facebook to help it go viral!

Sponsor a team

Not a major sports team of course but a school sports team or similar would happily welcome additional funds to pay for kit and other expenses. You can then get offline visibility as well as links from there website (most minor teams have these now).

Local directory sites

This is also another no-brainer but people often forget about. Make sure you add your website to as many local directory listings as possible.

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  1. Much obliged to you for sharing this exceptionally interesting article. I now have a thought where I need to begin. I have now an idea on how to begin certain stuff to manage local SEO since you helped me with this. This is very informative and it helps others too and me as well. Thank you for this!

  2. Creating resource pages for various events has proven very sucessful for me. The pages can be altered to reflect the year, but are essentially “evergreen” apart from a few small changes 🙂

  3. These are very important points but most new bloggers just write content without thinking deeply about the impact of content. You are right before publishing a new content we need to tweek all the important points as you mentioned..
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