50 Tips To Gain RSS Subscribers

DailyBlogTips has published 50 simple ways to gain more RSS subscribers.

1. Have a big RSS icon. People are lazy. You need to keep that fact always in mind. If you use a little RSS icon, visitors might have a problem finding it. Most of those will just give up after a couple of seconds, so make sure the RSS icon is big and easily recognizable.

2. Display the RSS icon above the fold. Apart from using a big RSS icon, you must make sure that you display it above the fold. That is where most blogs have one, and that is where people are used to look for when they want to subscribe, so go with the flow.

3. Display the RSS icon on every page of your blog. When I started blogging I did this mistake. Only my homepage used to have an RSS icon…. As soon as I added it to every single page on the blog, the number of subscribers jumped.

Be sure to check out the full list as there are a number of tips I haven’t seen before.

One thought on “50 Tips To Gain RSS Subscribers

  1. This is a really handy article. I just have a large and visible icon at the moment. Trying to implement as must optimization as I can, this shall maybe go on the list.

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