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This is the third installment of the Project Launchpad series. This time around, the project launcher is Deb Ng and she has decided to turn Freelance Writing Jobs from a single multi-authored blog into a network. Deb Ng has been a member of the Hive community since January, 2008.

Jeff – FWJ has been your pride and joy. Why the move to turn it into a network?

Deb Ng – I think it’s only natural. FWJ had four people writing for it, plus it had several job post listings each day. It was getting too confusing to have everything on the same blog each week. Having each sub-niche in a second blog makes it less cluttered and confusing.

Jeff – What will the network offer versus a standard multi authored blog?

Deb Ng –I hope it will be easier for our readers to navigate. They can find leads in one place and article writing tips in another. Each blogger can take this chance to shine and turn his or her blog into something special.

Jeff – How difficult was it to move from a single site offering into a network?

Deb Ng –Difficult. The tech guys said my blog was haunted because nothing was transferring properly. Instead of taking several hours, the blog was down for several days which really hit me in the wallet. Plus, I receive hate mail and criticism just about every day since the relaunch because the people who were so used to the format don’t appreciate the change.

That doesn’t mean I have regrets, but it was an emotional process.

Jeff – Are you looking for more writers to be part of the network?

Deb Ng –Yes but not now. I hope to be able to afford some new writers next year. I’d love to have someone write on a regular basis from an employer or client’s point of view.

Jeff – What is the goal you would like to accomplish with the FWJ Network?

Deb Ng – I hope for it to continue to be the number one online resource and community for freelance writers.

Jeff – What are the benefits of a network versus a single multi authored blog?

Deb Ng –I think it’s easier to navigate and less cluttered. I’m hoping it’ll mean more traffic and revenue. Mostly though, I enjoy highlighting new bloggers and giving them a place where they can make a name for themselves.

Jeff – Is there anything you would like to let the readers know regarding your project?

Deb Ng –Yes we realize there are lots of tweaks and changes to be made and we appreciate your cooperation (and sensitivity) while we take it all into consideration.

The Hive is filled with an abundant amount of talent, so much so that most of the members are launching their own projects. As a way of saying thanks to them for being a part of this wonderful community, I will be featuring projects from time to time from these individuals. These projects may consist of services, new websites, software, ebooks, etc. If you are interested in having your project seen by almost 10,000 RSS subscribers and thousands more unique visitors, join the Hive and become part of the collective.

6 thoughts on “Project Launchpad: FWJ Network

  1. Agreeing with some of the commenters here.

    I myself am not a very good writer, yet I’m trying… But ‘quality’ content, and not just useful content, but awesome content that you find online needs to be rewarded.

    Great Job!

  2. I think my community is coming around and it’s turning out to be a positive thing. I have more changes to the front page navigation coming, but on a whole I’m pleased.

    Thanks to you and Performancing for your support and always having my back!


  3. Good post.I think it´s fantastic that there are people who do freelance writing. There are so many bloggers out there who just don´t know how to write interesting content.It´s also good for those who don´t have English as mother tongue, because building up your reputation online is really important and having lots of errors and typos in your content makes you look stupid.

  4. Thanks for the kind comment. FWJ has been an excellent resource for freelancers and I hope the network idea works out for Deb despite the resistance towards change.

  5. This is a great post. I really enjoyed hearing Deb’s side of the story. I know a lot of freelancers who launched their careers on FWJ. Thanks for sharing this!

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