410 Niche Watering Holes Worth Knowing About

I remember Chris Garret mentioning in the Hive that if you want to add on to your social networks or get with the IN crowd, that it’s best to hang out at the watering holes where your audience is. Traffikd has published a great post which highlights 10 different niche social news sites that you should keep note of. These sites include:

Design Float – For Designers of course
Health Ranker – For health related content
Kritsy – A social site targeted towards women.

Be sure to check out their article for the rest of the list. As Traffikd mentions, don’t submit content to these sites if it’s not related. You are doing that social news site and yourself a dis-service.

Last but not least, I just discovered another gem where Traffikd has a list of 400 different Social Media/Networking sites all categorized for your submitting pleasure. If you happen to gain any measurable success using any of those sites listed, come back and let us know about them!

4 thoughts on “410 Niche Watering Holes Worth Knowing About

  1. Thanks for the save and the comments but the thanks really goes out to Traffikd who put this great list available

  2. Thanks much for this I’m actually just getting into this whole business of trying to get more people to my blog so this helps.


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