Your Essential Daily Reads?

I love reading blogs, what I love more is finding new blogs. This is an open call for you to tell us who do you love? Which blogs could you not live without and why? Here are some treasures to start you off ..

We all will visit the A-Listers, that is how they got to be A-Listers! We also love our own blogs, of course. But those aside here are my personal blog-loves.

Jack of all Blogs

A new addition to my subscriptions this but already I am a fan. I think Liberalcowboy and Nick would get on if they met, they seem to have the same .. uh .. direct approach to life :O) Along with the rest of the Fine Fools network there is a nice template, good content, sense of humour, no-holds-barred attitude. Great stuff.


No apologies for listing your friend and ours, Darren. Of course I am going to! If you haven’t subscribed, get over there now. Quick! His writing is concise, no bull and he is a bloomin’ nice bloke too. Many people rely on his advice long may he keep it up. Scratch that, Darren, come over here full time ;O)

Tips from the top floor

I am a photography hobbyist and this is by far my favourite blog/podcast. The info is great, they are very generous with tips and the whole package just kicks serious bottom. Loving it.

Gillianic Tendencies

Gillian Gunson is one of those “writing about anything and everything, including pet cat pictures” types of bloggers and I look forward to each post. Sometimes I think “too much information!”, other times I have been touched or laughed out loud. It’s great. All the better for her having a fresh writing style, some great photographs (especially the cats) and to top it all she lives in my favourite city.


Rory has a great sense of humour. His blog is a great mix of comedy and technology. For the those of you with a little bit of interest in the geekier of topics this is a joy. The rest of you would probably think “WTF” :O)

I have shown you mine, now show me yours!

You will notice I haven’t mentioned anything about revenue, advertising, business models, analysis of the bloggers ROI, any of that. My hope is you will be able to share your favourites and we will all learn what it takes to not just get subscribers but to have that bit extra to be truly loved. A LoveBlog if you will. So come on, dish out your most loved blogs and why! :O)