Chitika UK Launches, Europe to Follow

I’ve been talking to Venkat Kolluri, le grande fromage over at Chitika this week, and he tells me that it’s now ok to spill the beans on their forthcoming products. Chitika UK, which will feature merchant feeds geo-targeted at the UK market, will launch on Monday 28th – Following that, Europe. These countries will all be rolled out within a few days: FR, DE, BE, IT, ES, DK, NO, SE, and NL.

The simple idea being that when you have visitors from europe on your blog, they’ll be shown listings from European merchants, which should go along way to resolving CTR gripes currently being aired by publishers as Chitika address “curiosity clicks”

Chitika Books, More

Aswell as all that, which any Chitika publisher should be over the moon with, they’ll also be rolling out some themed Chitika units, such as Chitika Books — more details on that as i get them.

Interview Tomorrow

I’ve also got a great interview with Venkat to put out tomorrow, so grab the feed and look out for that one, it’s a corker!