Yo Problogger, Where You From?

My friend David Peralty is doing something that should be lots of fun. David has started what will become THE comprehensive list of probloggers around the world.

If you make at least $100 per month, make sure to submit your name and location. David is taking submissions in the comment section of his eXtra For Every Publisher blog.

Looking forward to seeing where everyone is from!

Oh, and David has told me that it’s ok to just post your name, URL and location in the comment section of this thread and he’ll pick it up.

3 thoughts on “Yo Problogger, Where You From?

  1. The range IMHO is somewhere between $100/ m – $100k m. All depends on the blog,the blogger and lots more.

    We had a discussion here about a year ago using the analogy of baseball which is maybe more appropriate.

    You can be a pro if you earn $100/ month. There is a difference between playing in the minor leagues and the major leagues, and being a bench warmer in the major leagues versus being an Allstar.

  2. Yes, but I wanted to include part-time probloggers, not just those that are making full time wages from their online content producing pursuits.

    I figure $100/m takes many bloggers a fair while to get to, and can pay the phone bill or 2-4 nice meals out every month, and when blogging starts to do that, it’s a job, not just a hobby. Heck, $1200 a year is a half decent computer every year (if you don’t get a new LCD every year).

  3. I think quite a few bloggers that have been in the game 2 years or more are making that level already. But I would hardly consider that a ProBlogger level. I’m at the income level per month.. and I haven’t blogged for 3, 4 months! IMHO, you should raise that $100 per month criteria.

    I still read lots of blogs… maybe it’s time to get back into the game?

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