Writing With Emotion

During a bit of downtime this past weekend, I thought about the various articles I have written over the course of two years. Some have been total successes while others have been failures. However, when I began to piece together some of the best stuff I have ever written, I noticed a commonality between them all.

What each post I had written as a huge success had in common was the fact that it was written with emotion. Generally, these types of blog posts are those which sit inside of my head, tumbling around waiting for the right time to flow into the post editor. These posts will take days or even weeks before they reach the point where I can hit the publish button. Each time I have written a post based purely off of emotions, the words have flowed together as if it was meant to be. Sentence structure becomes a natural instinct, thoughts, opinions, everything seems to be in the right place at the right time.

However, using your emotions for a source of writing is not always a good thing. You must be able to control them and not allow them to control your ability of rational thinking. There are those times when we say or do things that we didn’t mean to but did so anyways because of the emotional state of mind. The best thing you can do after writing a post such as this is to take a step back, regroup your thoughts and then finish it off. The last thing you want to do is publish a post which showcases a loss of rational thinking due to emotions.

On every blog about blogging, or book about blogging, you’ll find a phrase which is the cornerstone of the practice. Blog about something you are passionate about. After realizing that the best blog posts I have ever published were those which dealt with something I was passionate about, I can whole heartedly say that this strategy works.

What has the performance been like for those articles in which you have poured your heart and soul into? Are they your best works or has another strategy worked out better?

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