Would You Show Video Ads on Your Blog?

Now that Google are allowing Adwrods advertisers to place click to play video on their content network (Adsense), we’ll soon be seeing them no doubt. The question is, would you want to show video ads on your blog?

unlike some intrusive advertising, users will have complete control. When a page loads, only a static image will be visible; the video will not start playing until the user initiates it. He or she will be able to advance the video, pause it, adjust the volume or click through to the advertiser’s site

Personally Im not keen on them, but not for any other reason than I just can’t envision them being successful for me.

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11 thoughts on “Would You Show Video Ads on Your Blog?

  1. I totally agree with Nick (and Scott Karp) here (two comments above me).
    This current form I personally think sucks, but I guess they need to put it out there to find out how bad it is.
    In a perfect world, I hope this will make adverts better than ever, but there is a small chance of that happening.

    However, as I mentioned before, if I could easily tack these video adverts in front of a video I’m posting (a’la ifilm) then I think it would be killer, or at the least help pay for the bandwidth assuming I host it, or if it’s google, earn a little cash.

  2. I will consider the time consume to load the video on my blog. If it takes more than 10 secs just to load that video, i won’t add that video in my blog.

  3. Is that time spent on the blog worth something? Most likely not if they’re watching an ad.

    I can see them being ok if you get paid for impressions (without the user having to play the video), other than that, i think it’s a bit of a stupid idea really.

    I think Scott Karp puts this into good perspective

    Google’s video ad program will shine a spotlight on the dirty little secret of TV (i.e. video) advertising — most video ads have NO VALUE to consumers. DVR ad-skipping technology is such a threat to TV ads because TV ads SUCK. They interrupt, they annoy, they pander, they convey no useful information.

  4. 1) Readers visit blog
    2) Click on Video
    3) View video
    4) I get paid
    5) They then continue reading the blog or clicking on another ad OR link from my blog to another relevant site

    Best of both worlds in my opinon… plus, the time spent on the blog increases as they watch the video.

  5. Thats a good idea, if not quite what they are talking about Jed, I could see me doing photography and .net programming tutorials that way and having fun doing it. People have suggested I do video tutorials a few times before but I see so much piracy of my print material (as PDF) I shudder to think how rife it would be with video. Having thought about it, perhaps they will allow you to show ONLY video ads or selected video ads which could be similar to what you describe..

    I didn’t realise they were PPC too, it must be when you hit play right?

  6. I wouldn’t want to subject my readers to Video ads unless they actually had to click on it first for it to start. There is nothing more annoying than going to a webpage and having your speakers blast out a commercial your not even watching (could be in another tab).

    *Edit* ditto what Markus said, didn’t realize we were talking about the same thing.

    Having said that, I would love it if google would allow you to upload your videos to them, and allow them to tack a few second commercial on the front of it, then get paid for every watch.

    So say I have a video on dismantling my Mac Mini, I wouldn’t mind a short commercial before someone views my video, as long as I get paid for it.

    I can only assume google and youtube are heading this way, but I want it now, as usual.

  7. First, as with all AdWords ad formats, video ads will compete for placement on sites in the Google content network with other text, Flash and image ads — and, as with our other image ad placements, you can choose to bid on a CPC or CPM basis.

  8. I think you get paid CPM rather than by click, so you get paid for having them rather than their effectiveness

  9. My question is “When do you get paid?”. Is it at the click, and if thats the case no one will make through the first three seconds once they realize its a commercial. Or when the video finishes, in that case no one is going to wait until the video finishes. Or when the video redirects the user to the landing page of the video, in which case no one will ever stick around to watch the commercial.

    If people wanted to watch commercials they would watch TV.

    Just an opinion.

  10. I would show video ads if my topic was closely related to video products and the ads were for those products or highly related, for example I keep thinking about starting a blog on sci-fi tv shows like battlestar galactica etc, the tv companies could show clips to advertise shows or sell dvds. I guess video games companies could show short demos this way too.

    I’m far less interested in video on any other type of blog, I have images now in my head of infomercial type videos trying to sell vegetable cutters and gardening devices.

    And what is the average production value going to be for an adwords user? One of the appeals of adwords and overture before, was you didn’t need expertise. No designer required, heck 99% of companies don’t use skilled copywriters. I dread to see what video people come up with. I worked for a company that produced tv commercials, a *lot* of skill, time, money and equipment goes into it if you want a success.

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