WordPress Is Good At Winning Surveys

Steve Smith who writes for Orderedlist.com has published the results of their recent Content Management Survey. Keep in mind when reviewing the data that OrderedList.com caters to Web designers and those are the folks who most likely responded to the survey.

Although there have been countless debates on whether WordPress is a CMS or not (See the comments of the survey to see another one), it topped the list for which CMS people used. This actually coincides with the results from our own poll on which self hosted publishing platform people used. Surprisingly, the choice of (Other) came in second, meaning there are either plenty of custom CMS’s which people are using or, there are many content management systems that are still under the radar. ExpressionEngine took the third spot.

ExpressionsEngine took the cake as far as satisfaction level. WordPress contained a 41% Very Satisfied rating while all other systems equaled 43%. ExpressionEngine however, contained a whopping 64% Very Satisfied rating. ExpressionEngine is a paid for solution so it is easy to see why the satisfaction rating is so high. If you are going to pay for a CMS, it is likely due to the fact that it suits your needs. Thus, the higher satisfaction levels.

The survey also displays data on whether people prefer to host their own CMS or choose a hosted solution. Also noted at the end of the survey results was proof that designers are control freaks. No big surprise there.

It is obvious that the majority of publishers and bloggers are using WordPress. But my question is why?