WordPress 2.6 To Be Released Tonight? [Update]

A few sites on the internet have been reporting that sources close to WordPress have intentions of releasing WordPress 2.6 tonight. This release would bring many improvements that have been widely asked for by the WordPress community.

There are plenty new features to keep your eyes on as stated on the official WordPress website:

  • Version/revision saves a copy of a post every time you edit it, allows you to view (not edit) each of those copies (revisions), Shows forward (in time) diffs between any two revisions.
  • Display captions of images alongside them in posts and pages.
  • Add paging of Themes in Design panel
  • Word Count displayed when writing and editing posts and pages
  • Press This bookmarklet
  • Add sorting to gallery
  • Export/import post excerpts
  • Theme Previewer
  • Check (assigned) Categories at top Category box in Write/Manage Post
  • Show when a term is both a tag and a category
  • Wider Profile fields
  • TinyMCE 3.1 [Maybe the horizontal rule issue is fixed]
  • Two categories can have sub-categories with the same name

For five long years WordPress has been the staple of blogging platforms, and we will soon is if this release continues that trend.

I only have one question—if WordPress 2.6 is released tonight, when do you plan on upgrading?

[Update: WordPress 2.6 has been released!]

8 thoughts on “WordPress 2.6 To Be Released Tonight? [Update]

  1. I’m going to take the dive before the end of the week. Seems like it is stable.

  2. I would normally allow a 6 – 8 week window before upgrading any software but the reviews I’ve seen so far from people who have taken the plunge have all been positive and the new feature list is impressive so may jump in a bit sooner with this one.

  3. Already upgraded and like every other upgrade (except 2.2 to 2.3) things went smoothly. Liking what I see so far.

  4. One lesson I’ve learned from my experience in IT industry is that production platform should never be upgraded as soon as new release comes out. There could be many issues that can only be seen when product is deployed on a large scale, so I usually wait for some time before upgrading anything – be it a server, desktop OS or blogging software.

  5. I upgraded a few blogs to 2.5.1 but the rest are still on 2.3.3 so I guess I had better jump quite quickly with my main blogs. I have tested @.6 RC1 on a couple of blogs and it looks good and interesting. On my main blog I would like to see how Google Gears helps me manage 1000+ posts

  6. I’m looking forward to the theme previewer, TinyMCE 3.1, version history, and the word count. I’m also interested in the image captions (those would be excellent for crediting photographers/designers).

    I’m probably going to install WordPress 2.6 on my personal server to take a look at it. I will wait before upgrading it on my personal blog. This, of course, considering if WordPress 2.6 is indeed released tonight.

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