10 thoughts on “Will you be blogging in 10 years?

  1. Oh wow, the responses are amazing. Frankly, I can’t see myself blogging in ten years’ time. I love it, of course, but I have so many things I want to accomplish in life, I’m not sure if I’ll have time by then. Of course, I will still be writing, but the media for which I’ll do so remains to be seen.

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  2. I think some form of blogging will be around in 10 years. Essentially we’re doing what people have been doing for thousands of years. We’re documenting our lives, our loves, our history and our passions in written form. Great writing will never go out of style. If there has ever been a better time for video or audio to take over as the dominant medium it’s now but blogs are still going strong. I still enjoy writing and I definitely enjoy reading more than watching and listening. Until someone figures out how to implant a subject into my brain instantly, I think I’ll be blogging and reading.

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  3. Been blogging for 10 years so I don’t see why I won’t continue for 10 more. It probably won’t be called that but I will still share my thoughts online while someone is willing to read/listen

  4. I hope that I’m blogging, but in 10 years I’ll have written hundreds of articles. As long as I keep making 4 grand per month, I hope it can remain a steady income for me. But actually the dream is to be the editor, and let other people do all the work!

  5. Not an easy job but I have the determination to succeed. I can see myself as a freelance writer for the next ten years.

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