Will Google Ban the W3C?

There’s a hilarious kerfuffle building over the internet standards governing body, the Word Wide Web Consortium, who’s members include pretty much anyone who’s anyone in the big league tech/web space, selling pagerank on this page.

What I want to know is, will Google ban the W3C from it’s index for this heinous crime against the Google biz model (as they would anyone else), or will they administer a slap on the wrist a la wordprsss, Financial Times or a host of other high profile “spammers” over the last few years?

Really, this shit just goes beyond funny…

For starters, getting links on a PR9 at W3C is nothing new. For a few years you were able to buy into the supporters (or maybe it was membership, don’t remember exact details) for about $5k i think, and grab a PR8/9 link, but it got so crowded on the page as word spread that people stopped bothering. (those with half an ounce of common sense anyway), and although this page does not appear to be the same one, and although the cost of getting on it is reduced to $1k, it confounds me as to why the hell should this be a problem?

Im sick to death, though clearly still amused and interested, in the whole “ooh oooh, she did something baaaad… Gooooogle, oh Goooooooogle.. ” shit going on. It’s always narked me, and this just annoys the hell out of me. Should the W3C put the ridiculous NoFollow on all their outbound links to supporters just becuase some arses at Google want to spend more time stamping on what’s bad than promoting what’s good?

Hell no, who made Google king of links anyway?

Oh wait, we did…

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7 thoughts on “Will Google Ban the W3C?

  1. I’ve read that the pagerank of a page containing outbound links (OBLs) is distributed evenly among the OBLs. So, if there are approx 500 links in the member page, I wonder what the real value is to the person or organization who has paid to be included in the links page.

  2. it’s about buying some trustrank

    I’d be very surprised if that w3c page passed any kind of rank

  3. All this contrived morality grows a bit wearisome at times, don’t it?

    Other times it’s a hoot to watch.

    I must be tired — thank god it’s Friday.

  4. it’s not about buying pagerank anymore it’s about buying some trustrank

  5. I do not see why this should cause problems. If I were Google, I’d just shrug my collossal shoulders and look at the next gripe.

    Besides, since there are so many links, wouldn’t you only get a tiny bit of page rank out of it even if you are on a page rank 9 page?

  6. I love this kind of thing, it’s just like watching big brother but without the nudity, heh

  7. Here’s the page you’ve been able to buy into for a few years now. Again, PR9, but look how crowded it is lol…

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