Why Community Matters

Ryans message brought home to me just how important community is.

People make a site such as this work, not technology, and certainly not “page rank”, “traffic” or “search engine rankings”.

There have been numerous cases where I have been so grateful to people who have supported me through the many ups and downs of my blogging career. Some of which happened on this very site 😉

I can’t stress enough how important loyal readers are. If you are going to focus on one thing, serving your audience has to be it.

The real value is in loyalty. Traffic without engagement is meaningless. Forget about SEO tricks, gaming social media, community is where it is at.

That folks, is why I am still here, 2 years and 2 weeks later 🙂

14 thoughts on “Why Community Matters

  1. @Ahmed – Ad clicks can pay the bills but don’t mean they are engaged (in fact probably means you are sending people away) so you have to keep finding new visitors to feed the machine

    @August – Yup, sounds about right here 😉

  2. Ahmed> LOL. Then I must not have been presenting a very good of image of us as a whole…big dark circles under my eyes, unkempt hair, looking like someone who hasn’t slept since the year 1999…unless everyone here’s like that too. =D

  3. Traffic without engagement is meaningless.

    do ad clicks / ad impressions count as engagement?

  4. august – the people walking by are probably peering in, looking at you and thinking the same thing about bloggers…

  5. Chris>> I haven’t been out of my house for an entire month now. Sometimes I stare out the window, look at people and think, “Wow. Is this what a human looks like?”


  6. That’s awesome that many people support Performancing. Community definitely makes it a much better place. Thanks for the reminder, Chris.

  7. @Raj – Thanks

    @august – Heh, yeah, I really ought to get out more

    @Ahmed – Oh, you know, places

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