Who’s Using AuctionAds (and how’s it performing)?

As most of you know, I run a music blog in the UK, and I’m mostly using AdSense for advertising. After reading about the sale of AuctionAds, I wondered if any of you folks were using AuctionAds on your sites.

I’m interested to know how fast it is (does it cause pages to load slowly), what the quality of adverts is and how good the rate of return is.

10 thoughts on “Who’s Using AuctionAds (and how’s it performing)?

  1. Auction Ads isn’t my biggest money maker, but it performs better than some of the other programs I tried. Some days I earn twenty-something dollars and some days pennies. I’m going to keep it up for a while and experiment with other ways to bring in revenue.

  2. Can you tell me how to involve into Auction Ads. is it free to all to join if so please give some guidelines to register at. Iam more interesting on it.

  3. My personal blog didn’t go well with auction ads, but I think more of a niche blog would. Electronics, school sites, etc would go great right now.

  4. I have run auctionads on my site and have not been impressed. It seems to be hyped up a bit. Ryan you are right the CPM is ridiculously low.

    I am surprised ebay themselves couldn’t come out with a similar product and wipe out auction ads.

  5. inet, that sounds like a freakin’ cool script. i’d love to get my hands on it to test and could write a review here on Performancing

  6. For those of you not aware AuctionADs has sold on from Jeremy to the other main partner Media Whizz, who also own text-ad-links. Should see for improvement. I am the guy who did the official Joomla and wordpress plugins for AuctionADs approved by Jeremy. I have now got a search script that will bounce off the search engine keyword and produce AuctionADs on your site based on that keyword, of course the assumption here is that the content is optimized for that keyword. What do you think?

  7. They keyword targeting is pretty much good for me. Sometimes, AuctionAds got confused with Adsense and caused a switch of advertisements somehow… I don’t understand why it happens this way either. But this rarely happens actually. Probably only once in a month or less…

    The auctionads is showing up pretty fast and hence i will prefer to use AuctionAds over Amazon Ads (where amazon ads seem to take some time to load…)

    I asked around, and find that auction ads work pretty well with fun sites, classified sites or product sites… It doesn’t seem to pay well with info sites and blogs..

  8. I use auction ads on a car classifieds site in Australia. The keyword targeting is generally pretty awful – I regularly have auctions that have nothing to do with the topic of the page appear. I’ve just done a quick search on my site for toyota corolla, and It’s come back with auctions for toyota 4-runners, which is slightly better than normal, but it is not what my visitors will be looking for.

    Performance wise, the ads load slower than adsense, but it does not affect the peformance of the rest of the page.

    Auction Ads is built primarily for American Ebay, and then the other countries are kind of added on, some working better than others – As for support, I think I was lucky and got some support from Shoemoney when they were first kicking things off.

    I’ve not bothered with the ad units much since, and at some stage will try and replace them with advertising that works better to my Australian audience.

  9. Maybe things will improve with the sale to TLA.

    I’ve got an after-post spot on my music blog that I want to try something different with advertising-wise. The big question is: do I go for AuctionAds, AdSense or something else entirely? Bear in mind that I have reasonably well performing AdSense spots elsewhere on the page.

  10. I’m using AuctionAds.

    I have mixed reactions.

    It is not rare for the AuctionAds infrastructure to go down and for ads not to be displayed. Growing pains.

    AuctionAds gives very little help and is unwilling to offer consultation on keyword selection.

    I make about $350/month of AuctionAds across some very high traffic sites. The extra income is alright, but the eCPM is ridiculously low.

    If AuctionAds was willing to consult with high-traffic sites, then I’d give them a thumbs up. But right now, they’re just leaving me hanging out to dry. I think I’ll give it another month, and if I can’t get eCPM to improve, I’ll drop them all together.

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