Google Page Rank Update – What are You Doing to Prepare?

This post was written by Matt Jones, the author of Blogging Fingers

As I’m sure you know it’s that amusing time of year when the displayable Google Page Rank is about to be updated and bloggers run about like headless chickens making sure everything is ready. There are always those that mock the bloggers who get over hyped up about the update, but deep down we all know they are exited too. It’s like a special Christmas just for bloggers and webmasters to enjoy.

I decided to ask, “What have you done to prepare” over at the BlogLight.ning forum where I received some interesting responses.googlepagerank.png

“I’ve done a lot of commenting on high PR ‘dofolllow’ blogs, and I’ve made sure to keep posting every possible day, often more than once.”

Jeremy Hobbs, who is hoping for a PR3 or above.

“I wrote some good articles that caught some attention links, I did a few link exchanges a while ago and also got mentioned in some high PR websites .”

CristianR, who is hoping for a PR4 or above.

“The only thing that I have really done is participate in a few memes/trains that were making the rounds. To pay the favor back to others, I’ve continued with my weekly Speedlinking feature to spread the link love out to other blogs as well.”

Derek Semmler, who is hoping for a PR5.

What Have I done?

  1. Purchased a single PR5 link, but only because it was an absolute bargain. I don’t normally buy any links.
  2. Taken part in Probloggers group writing project, which is a great opportunity to gain links, traffic share knowledge and discover new blogs.
  3. Posting at the Digital Point Forums, with a link to Blogging Fingers and BlogLight.ning in my sig. Forum sigs are worth little in the eyes of Google but it’s a good way to spend those idle moments.
  4. Continued the same strategy as usual. Guest Blogging has been a key part of this and so has ‘networking’ and making blogging contacts.

A Note about Page Rank Agreements

It seems that every 3 months when the Page Rank update comes about, people start squawking about how it does not increase traffic and we shouldn’t get so obsessed with it. There’s always 1 person who ‘cleverly’ points out that PR is constantly being updated behind the scenes anyway.

While I agree obsessing over a single statistic (or any statistics) is a bad thing, its a fact that the higher your displayable page rank you have the more you can charge when selling sidebar links, in post links, reviews or even when selling the entire blog. Other than traffic, Page Rank is the most important factor in deciding how much money can be made from your blog.

What have you done to prepare?

17 thoughts on “Google Page Rank Update – What are You Doing to Prepare?

  1. On the eve of April fools day Google updated the toolbar page rank again on 1st April 2009. This time they filtered more back links. Previously i have around 70 now i have less back links for my site However site rank well on all top keywords. It seems google backlinks scheme updated too. It still loves article links as i did for my site. I implemented news section and rss feeds on the site which rocks well and may be the reason of ranking my all keywords.

    You can find my article links by typing [ ] at google search box

  2. Thanks for posting this – I used to have a PR4 but due to itchy fingers on PayPerPost, I got slammed dunked. I’ve removed all PPP tracks and my blog’s still a PR2.

    The thing is…I joined PayU2Blog and wonder if Google can sniff out all those within-post links too? Will appreciate your feedback on this. Thanks in advance!

  3. I have seen spot changes, but nothing across the board. There are lots of anecdotal mentions of blogs getting knocked down a peg or two, but I am not seeing many accounts of sites going up.

  4. i have seen changes in my site ranks and not the only one…. at they show stats and results of the page rankings and i feel that its time… finally after waitng 6 months since the last update it going to happen this month so get prepared!!!!!



  5. The update is not over a lot of my own sites has a pagerank according the webmaster tools but not (yet) in the toolbar. So it seems like one of the long going updates like in the past (only the last one was very quick as I remember me)

  6. I think it sets a bad precedent to try and “prepare” for a Page Rank update. What should be done is a continual process of link building incorporated into your overall SEO strategy. This will increase your inbound links, search engine rankings, and ultimately your web traffic. Seeing the Page Rank increase will result as well, but it should be the end goal as you can have increased Page Rank without having your real metrics such as visitors increase.

  7. As you guys may have noticed the google toolbar updates began at around 11:30pm Australian EST on the 7th August. Now although we are currently in the middle of the updates for the toolbar, It seems once again that a number of sites have been given a “0” page rank. Even as late as last year a “zero” meant that you had been punished by the google gods for some heinous crime against the interweb, but now it seems common place to start off with a zero. On a side note – as a gamer I’m use to hearing that little achievement “pop” on my xbox 360 when I have done something Microsoft deems as good. This whole page rank thing reminds me of that, you keep playing the game to see more of the little green bar!

  8. I’ve been putting my blogs on blog directories and Communities. I’ve also been commenting on high ranking blogs. I hope this things will help.

  9. I have two websites. Those two are in Google serch engine. But for any keyward these sites are not visible. So can I guess the Page rnk of those sites?

  10. I have done several things to prepare. Weeks ago looking forward to page rank on some newer sites that I am opening for other bloggers, I decided to create new pages as a couple of sub pages. One that lists “all blogs on the system”, and another that lists “recently updated blogs”. When the page rank goes down (and I hope I got those pages created before the cutoff for the rank that we should soon be seeing). We will have a better organized link structure. Other changes are coming in conjunction with this; soon we will implement a system that pulls blogs out of the list all page if they do not have original content. This way we can still offer blogs to all adults, but only bloggers that write original content get the benefit of the portal’s main page’s rank.

    We are also updating our terms and updating our themes to fix outrageous pr leakage. (100 links in a blogroll is excessive and something we consider detrimental, how detrimental is up for debate)

    I look forward to new blogs on our system showing rank, and that should make other users consider making better blogs on our system in order to be listed, which is good for everyone.

    wordpress adult blog portal

  11. Just like I do every day that the real updates are going on behind the scenes I write like crazy.

    Lots of viral networking as well.

    *Note I didn’t send Matt Cutts a dozen roses this time around, hopefully I won’t get dinged for that.

  12. Absolutely *nothing*

    I just keep on writing and hope for the best..

    I got a few PR7 and 8 backlinks in the past month, so I hope this is going to have an impact on my PR.

  13. Thanks an interesting way to phrase it (“gambling outlet”), but I agree it is a sort of sport. The house doesn’t always win with PageRank….

  14. PageRank is a game that keeps bloggers and SEO types entertained. For that reason, I think it serves some good. We all need our little sport and gambling outlets.

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