11 thoughts on “Which Headline Technique Do You Use?

  1. For me, it is nothing to bother and it only took a few seconds. To be very true, I only write for title. If i shall have a good title, I can write a full 500 word article very easily. Most of time it is my routine but sometimes a good title can take several days to do so.

  2. Interesting responses from all of you. Now the question I have is this, how much time do you spend on just coming up with a title for your blog posts?

  3. On another blog,I was reading about the similar post. Now we are enabled to write more than 60 characters so I think it is good to write a long descriptive titles(I am talking about email titles or subjects). I think we don’t have any restrictions while writing titles or subjects on all other objects so there is nothing which can restrain me to write something detailed.

  4. Letting the web visitor know exactly what they are going to be reading about, a hint that it is going to help them in some way, plus smoothly blending those keywords in so it is both reader and spider friendly would be an ideal technique if it was always achievable! So I guess it’s a combination…

  5. Lately my issue has been the opening paragraph. Not the headline.

    I tend to open with a question. But alas we want different and unique. How about a post on good ways to open a post.

    1.) Quotes – but then i have to go looking for one, too time consuming
    2.) Photos – yep, do this one already, alot
    3.) ???

  6. > What about uber-descriptive, minus pronouns, targeting searchers?

    “Keyword excerpt”

    Yes, thats how I would describe ‘plain accurate’ in my words

  7. Ummmm…… What about uber-descriptive, minus pronouns, targeting searchers?

  8. I write a headline which best reflects what the article is about. Sometimes, I’ll hit the jackpot in terms of headline usage but many times, it’s just a plain accurate headline. The cute and clever method has too many risks that I only seldom go down that route.

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