A Few Keys to a Successful (Blogging) Career

When you aim for success, you must commit yourself to reach it. Success means different things to each individual, but, in general, we have a good idea of what success can lead to. If you want to reach success, you must realize that a big portion of getting there is being mentally prepared.

Having Confidence

After repeatedly reading biographies and watching television programs about successful people, one clearly obvious thing that all these people share is confidence.

Today, many people commonly misconstrue confidence as cockiness, and while for the most part these people could be right, it certainly can help to keep someone pushing for progress.

A person’s worst enemy can be themselves, and someone who doesn’t believe that they can succeed, in nearly every case, won’t. Others who constantly bring you down, tell you that something can’t be done, or are negative in general can easily ruin your success. I try to surround myself with those who motivate me to try harder, and it really does help—especially when you experience one of those days you wish you could take back.

Accepting Failure

Do know those people who say that will never fail? Well, to be successful, one must learn to accept failure, which can be extremely difficult for many. It is obvious as to why people should learn to do this: what happens when the plan, concept, design, event, or idea isn’t working out? Will that person continue to push on with that failing idea? Maybe give it a few more tries, but you would hope that this person would move on, right?

Some of the greatest minds in history knew when to set pride aside and move on to bigger and better things.

Take the time to evaluate your situation, and if there are better opportunities elsewhere, at the very least, take some time to consider the alternatives. The next best thing might actually be the solution to your problem(s).

Having Realistic Expectations

Realistic expectations can really help guide you to success. Having too high expectations can result in much disappointment and stress. On the contrary, having too little expectations can result in less motivation and progress. You must balance it out to push yourself but be satisfied with the results.

A Brutal Evaluation of Oneself

Finally, one of the best things any person can do to make progress in life is to be honest with yourself. Several people have said that the best thing they have done with their career is to be “brutally honest” while evaluating themselves, and it makes perfect sense. If you are 7’5”, you might not be the smartest person due to the countless times you’ve hit your head on solid objects that got in your way, but you might be an excellent candidate for a professional volleyball or basketball player! That would be playing to your strengths.

Someone who can acknowledge their strengths and weaknesses can build for their strengths and improve or avoid their weaknesses—this is very important, and it is a shame how people don’t do this.

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7 thoughts on “A Few Keys to a Successful (Blogging) Career

  1. > I think there is a deep nugget of wisdom in what he said

    One person, n blogs = too many blogs = loosing focus

  2. The primary key to success that I have found is to write all the ‘freakin time’. You don’t want your soul to wear thin from this practice like in that STP song, but practicing and practicing and practicing with real live content is a great way to become successful at blogging.

    You will face a lot of setbacks along the way, especially as at times this can feel like a solitary exercise even despite the connectivity of social networks. The key is that if you have a disagreement with a person online or if they have one with you, don’t get mad about it, just write more. You don’t even have to write about the actual thing that might upset you, but just use the energy to write more until you have worked through or past the issue.

    This is somewhat cathartic (I believe that’s the word I’m looking for) but it helps you keep taking steps forward as opposed to getting sidelined in an online fight which rarely serves anyones interests in becoming successful at blogging.

    Markus had a very interesting point above as well. I admit that I do not fully understand what he meant, but I think there is a deep nugget of wisdom in what he said, and will be really pissed off if he doesn’t share more of his wisdom. That in fact would get me hopping mad, which will probably keep me writing all day long. So I guess as an added tip, seek out those people online that really push your buttons, so that you can then in turn push those buttons on your keyboard faster.

    Markus did not make me angry at all, I took a silly bit of literary license above in an attempt to amuse myself, which is yet another motivational tool I use to keep me producing content. That said, I really would like to know what Markus was getting at above.

  3. Too many people try to multiplicate success by cluttering their (blogging) activity.

  4. Not that I am much… any authority in blogging. But I consider following very universal.

    Don’t be scared of huge tasks. Everything and anything can be done as long as you split it into smaller steps an really work at completing them.

    Lots of things become easier when you actually try them instead of sitting and thinking “this is too much for me”.

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