18 thoughts on “Where is your blog hosted?

  1. I just got into blogging as a means to drive traffic to my main site where I’m selling and e-book on deer hunting tips. The blog is generating lots of traffic, but I wonder if WordPress hinders certain options that other non-Wordpress bloggers prefer. Anyone can comment on this if they want. Thanks.

  2. I’m actually on my second year of hosting with AnHosting. So far, they have been a great company to host my site with. I’ve had one or two issues but nothing major that would make me want to switch.

  3. Never heard of “BlogForYou,” but I will check it out. Thanks for the comment.

  4. I have a blog that I’m using to post my writing that has been either on other websites or in print magazines. I use omnis.com for that. It has wordpress and is relatively inexpensive. I have some other blogs on wordpress for writing that I do just for myself and international teachers and folks who want to retire to the tropics. Then I have two websites (cyberbali.com and sumbawa.org) for teachers and folks who want to know about Sumbawa. I’ve found omnis to be very good and responsive if I have problems.

  5. my blog is hosted on blogforyou
    it’s nice and user friendly. I like their layout, content management, widget …everything.

  6. I would suggest signing up at WordPress.com (also completely free) and familiarize yourself with the WordPress platform (if you haven’t already).

    WordPress.com and a self-hosted install of WordPress are very similar in basic terms. Most shared hosts offer one-click installs of WordPress as well. Just something to keep in mind if you are new to the whole blogging experience.

    Good luck with everything, and post some comments on any future posts if you have questions!

  7. New to the blogging thing so using blogger to find out what I am doing for free. Seems fun, mostly as the blog I am doing is just writing what I am doing anyway (starting a company).

    Thinking about moving on to a shared server service, though will probably leave it a few weeks until I know a bit more about blogging.

  8. By the way, I think everyone should check out HostJury for hosting reviews. Some of the reviews are questionable, but I find it to be one of the better sources for hosting reviews.

    All hosting review sites should be questioned, and you really need to do in-depth research before coming to a conclusion.

    I found TekTonic through WebHostingTalk.com.

  9. I’ve heard nothing but negative reviews of Dreamhost. Hopefully your new experience is an even better one!

  10. Currently on Dreamhost, moving to a friends co-lo box at the end of the month. Will have multiple VPS there… Should be much fun 😉


  11. I’m curious, why did you move to a VPS from dedicated? Also, did you moved to a managed or unmanaged VPS?

    More cost-effective for you? Or was there another reason?

    *I have no experience with dedicated hosting.

  12. Oops – I chose “host my own on a dedicated server”, habit since it was true up until a few weeks ago, but I’ve recently moved it over to a VPS.

  13. I am on an unmanaged VPS for http://onlyjames.com/. It has been very difficult to grasp having full control of a Linux computer, but I have figured it out.

    TekTonic is my VPS host. I’ve had absolutely no issues with them, but their support forum seems dead at times. That is what I get for being on an un-managed server.

    However, if anyone has any advice on setting up a mail server on a CentOS 5 system, please contact me immediately!

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