When Should You Write That Next Post?

While I’ll let Lorelle explain when to publish a blog post, I see a question that pops up from time to time in the form of, “When should I write posts for my blog?“. The answer, whenever you feel like it. It’s no secret that I write for not only Performancing but for a few other sites as well. Coming up with unique original content for multiple sites is quite a challenge. That’s why I rely on my RSS reader for a crutch. I try my best not to write and publish a post just for the sake of doing so. When do you this, readers can tell. Instead, I’ll browse around the various categories in my RSS feed or I’ll monitor the links showing up on Twitter until I find something that resonates with me. Some of the best articles I have ever written have come from something else which acted like a spark. Not only will the article come across with a sense of passion, but writing the actual article becomes a heck of a lot easier since you then have something to say. There are a few types of posts that I look out for that usually trigger an emotion or thought process, they are:

  • Opinion pieces
  • News items that I have an interest in
  • Cool new discovery
  • Site or service that I’m interested in reviewing
  • Excellent resources worth sharing

My feedreader is filled to the brim with material and so, it serves as an excellent crutch for those times when I can’t come up with something on my own. If all else fails, ask your Twitter or social following a question in which you can compile the answers into a post. As a last ditch effort, you can publish one of those link round up articles. In general, don’t write just for the sake of writing. Let your emotions, passion, and creativity guide the way.

6 thoughts on “When Should You Write That Next Post?

  1. I actually find the daily news to be a good source of inspiration. It’s a good mix if important international events, politics, as well as local news and sometimes even a little lighthearted humour. Pretty much something for everyone.

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  2. I think one of the main advantages of having your own blog is that you’re your own boss. Which means, there aren’t milestones, deadlines, etc… Write your next post when you feel like it, about whatever comes to mind.

  3. I like the frank statement “Whenever you feel like it”.

    I try to write on weekends when I have some spare time. Or, like you said, whenever I feel like it.

    Sometimes I just look at my list of “blog ideas” and start writing.

    Not an exact science!

  4. Perhaps I need to plump up my feedreader…

    I often use my clients projects’ as a source of material. ie. I had a client who wanted to translate their website, so I published info on that. etc… And sometimes I publish my own little discoveries such as a great new JS or PHP library, or a simple way of doing something, etc.

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