Do Your Own Thing

How many articles have you read this year on blogging which tell you not to be another spoke in the wheel? I know I’ve read a few and each time I do, I question whether they understand one of the greatest benefits blogging has to offer and that is, the ability to be heard.

Now it’s true, being unique in the world of blogging seems like an impossible task nowadays, but here is the thing. I believe that the large majority of people who blog are unique. Maybe not unique enough to have their own massive following, but unique enough to add to the overall conversation by means of their opinions or thoughts. For example, a major news story might break out and every blogger that has an interest in that niche will end up writing about it thus, making the sphere of blogging look like a giant echo chamber. However, upon closer inspection, I’ve noticed that just about everyone has a different take on the story and ends up adding their own two cents. This is the beauty of blogging.

Being unique is not hard. Just write what is on your mind. Don’t pretend to be someone your not, simply be yourself. There might be 1,000 blogs that cover the same subject as you and it might seem like an impossible task to rise above the noise but only ‘you’ can write exactly like ‘you’.

By the way, if you’re looking for a good inspiration piece, read this article published on Write to Done called, Trying To Learn To Be A Better Blogging Is A Waste Of Time.

3 thoughts on “Do Your Own Thing

  1. Hello Jeff,
    Thank you for your and Jonathan’s advice. The reason of blogging it is obvious. To tell our opinion to other people, finding people with same interests, moral values, and thinking it is easier than was ever before and we all need that.

    The irony is, that it is possible to be closer to somebody who is a thousand miles away, than to a person who is near you, but don’t share the same ideas and values.

    Nevertheless I don’t agree completely with Jonathan. We should try as much as we can to improve our skills, if for nothing else, from respect for those who will read us.

    With practice, the quality of our writing should improve, and if we have something meaningful to tell, we’ll not waste in vain people’ precious time.


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