What To Expect In WordPress 2.7

WordPress 2.7, (Tentatively) scheduled for a November release looks like it is going to blow the pants off of us. Recently, I took the opportunity to download a developmental version of 2.7 and although it is very early in development, I really like what I’ve seen thus far. Some highlights worth noting:

The developmental version of WordPress 2.7 should not be used on a live blog as it is not considered stable.

Redesigned back end: Although 2.5 introduced a brand new administration panel for WordPress, 2.7 is going to include a new user interface which I believe many people will enjoy. I liken it to the WordPress 2.3 backend with the style of 2.5.

Revamped Write Panel: One of the biggest complaints from users in WordPress 2.5 was the inability to move things around in the Write panel. Thankfully, this is coming back with a few additions tacked on.

Browsing And Installing Plugins From The Back End: WordPress 2.7 has tied the plugin repository into the back end of WordPress. This means you’ll be able to search, download and install plugins right from your installation of WordPress. How cool is that?

There are many other features which may or may not make it into the next version but so far, I have really enjoyed working with the new user interface. The navigational column on the left hand side of the page threw me for a loop for a little while but I have since come to enjoy the lack of vertical scrolling thanks to this column.

If you really want to get a detailed overview as to the changes found within 2.7 thus far, I suggest reading this post entitled (First Look At WordPress 2.7).

Tell me something, are you looking forward to 2.7?

3 thoughts on “What To Expect In WordPress 2.7

  1. I agree with the comments of Jordan above. WordPress is a great, free software but it seems that the team are loosing their way in a multitude of new features, tweaks, redesigns and then retracing their steps later.

    With such a large user base surely there now is a need to extensively test the new elements before they become part of a new release.

    Send out security fixes asap but please slow down and consider the new features before permanent release.

  2. I for one am welcoming the change in 2.7. 2.5 was a major shift but I think they went the wrong way in many areas and because of that, they now have to makeup for it in this next release. Hopefully, 2.7 is a home run and they keep with it for more than 2 versions.

  3. As a WP evangelist, I often turn on people who are looking for their own website to the wonder that is WP. But with the admin interface changing CONSTANTLY, it’s extremely difficult to get the web illiterate (like parents!) to sign on. They expect regularity and simplicity. While someone like me has no problem adapting to a new admin interface, because I know the product up-and-down, trying to keep new people interested when something changes this much is difficult. They don’t have the time or interest in poking around new changes. Bottom line: develop something that works, and stick with it. Making small improvements is fine, but complete redesigns every time we have a new version is just silly.

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