What Makes You Unique to the Blogosphere?


You will not get popular by being just another somebody in the blogosphere. Everyone should know that by now. But, unfortunately, some of us don’t even know if we have a quality that makes us unique to the world of blogging. However, we all have ways of being unique in the blogosphere, and it can come by simply illuminating your own self into an article.

Unique Bloggers

Being Superlative—Darren Rowse of ProBlogger

Being Interactive—Jeff Chandler of Jeffro2pt0

Being Intensive—Andrew G.R of Jack of All Blogs

Being Educative—Steve Spalding of How to Split an Atom

Being Extensive—Tina Su of Think Simple Now

Being Assertive—John C. Dvorak of Dvorak Uncensored

Finding Your Inner Uniqueness

With time, you will notice characteristics from your writings that will represent how you are in life. It is almost amazing how well I can visualize a person just by reading the content they publish. You are not just reading words. You are reading about the life of an author. This is why I find the blogosphere so exciting—each and every person has a unique voice and attitude. It is part of the reason why I enjoy getting to know authors of the content I read.

If you can’t discover what makes you unique to the blogosphere, you might consider asking some of your more devout readers what they think of you. Your peers will able to help you to identify yourself as a blogger and person. While many of you are fine with not knowing these things about yourself, personally, I find it extremely reassuring. It is almost like a confidence boost for me to know what I represent in myself and my writings.

About Me

Now, I figure that someone will get on my case if I don’t answer my own question, so for those of you that wonder what I think about myself, here you are:

I offer all readers my unbound truth and shrewdness with all of my published content. I also take pride with ensuring that my content meets the standards of those that invest the time to read it—after all, why should you have to read a low quality article? I will express myself without holding back, and will work to fix something that is wrong. Finally, I would never remain at a job that would place limitations on what I could write about.

To sum it up—I am deeply passionate (almost completely obsessed) about the truth, and that is a significant portion of my life.

But What About You?

I want to know what makes you unique. What makes you so compelling to have your content read by thousands or even millions of people? If you know these things, tell us about yourself in the comments section. Maybe others will find their way to getting to know the great blogger and person within you.

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15 thoughts on “What Makes You Unique to the Blogosphere?

  1. Yeah, I like the design of your blog. Single column… clean design. Great stuff!

  2. Part of what makes me – well, okay, my blog – unique is that it’s essentially niche-less. That is, the post topics range widely and aren’t focused on a specific niche. I work editorial or opinion-based pieces into the mix and generally avoid metablogging and most of the white noise blogging stuff like Top Ten lists & memes. I try to avoid simply rehashing posts from other sites or at least try to put a fresh spin on articles that are from other blogs.

    Another unique element to my blog is the absence of ads, widgets, sidebars, or nearly anything else that would detract from the content. It’s a single column layout that keeps the focus on the articles and general site navigation.

  3. Your relatively small niche might be just the opportunity to make it big. Be bold, motivated, and dedicated. With time, the hard work will pay off.

  4. For starters, I blog in a relatively small niche area: atheism. Still, there are nearly 700 atheist blogs listed on the Atheist Blogroll, so the real question is how I can stand out from the rest in this niche. I see myself as aiming to educate, inspire, and enrage my readers. I strive to provide my readers with a diverse combination of news rarely covered in the mainstream media, thoughtful analysis of political and activist issues of interest to freethinkers, and even the occasional product review. I think this diversity helps me because it means I can attract a wider reader base than I’d be able to otherwise.

  5. Thats interesting you say that about growth as the L33t tech news podcast I listened to recently discussed the fact that the major tech blogs such as TechCrunch, ReadWriteWeb and Mashable have been growing in parallel with each other overall. Looking forward to publishing my happy birthday blog post as it’s just about the one year mark where I started the jeffro2pt0.com blog/website. Amazing what can happen to bloggers/people in one years worth of time.

  6. Ah, it is no problem, Jeff. You just keep up the great work with Jeffro2pt0 and WP Weekly. You and I have certainly almost been growing in parallel within the blogosphere.

    We just got to keep up the hard work, and we will reach the level of success we desire. Glad you enjoyed WordCamp Dallas as well; wish I lived around all those cool conventions.

  7. Thanks James for the mentions. Ever since I saw your blog I have been a loyal reader/follower of your work. As far as asking readers what it is about yourself that readers enjoy, I got the awesome pleasure of meeting a devoted reader of my blog at WordCamp Dallas. This person made me feel like a rock star and I actually got to ask her all sorts of questions as to why she really enjoyed my blog. It boosted my confidence level but it also informed me as to how I’m presenting myself on my blog to the readers and so far, the message has been an accurate one.

  8. No problem. Always been a fan of your blog since Jeff directed me to your blog one day. Been a subscriber ever since. I don’t get around to commenting, but I’m always reading. Keep it up!

  9. Thanks for the nod James, I really appreciate the kind words and I love what you guys are doing here at Performancing. If there is ever anything I can do for you, feel free to drop me a line.


  10. :O what do you mean “almost completely obsessed with the truth?” You are COMPLETELY obsessed…no denying it!

  11. Keep on educatin’ the masses! I seem to make simple things complicated 😛

  12. I enjoy educating people about SEO and how to make their web sites or blogs successful. My unique ability is that I am able to clarify confusing concepts so they can understand and apply them to their web sites.

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