Free Story Theme For WordPress

Most of the time (when I’m not busy becoming a father, like in April) Performancing is committed to bringing you a free new WordPress theme each month.

This month’s theme is called The Story Theme. It’s a 3 column design where the content is situated to the far left, followed by two contrasting sidebars.

I’m especially fond of the look of the left-margin on this theme. It’s a nice touch that I’ve not seen in a theme before, but which adds a lot of class.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

You can preview the theme here.
You can download the Story Theme here.

10 thoughts on “Free Story Theme For WordPress

  1. i like one in the million theme because it looks easy and simple to use….you can find what you need very easy, this is because of the arrangement of the theme is very neat…good job and congratulations on becoming a father!

  2. This theme is nice but not widget ready. I’d use it if it weren’t for that.

  3. A neat looking theme. Looks very professional =) Might just give it a go later on. I think of just making it a 2 column without the ads column.

  4. And congrats on the new addition! Here’s to future opportunities to sleep an entire night (since there aren’t any at the moment…been there, done that, still have the empty stimulant bottles).

  5. No joke… I really wish they had that on I would use it in a heartbeat. It is really nice looking.

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