What Comment Spam Are You Seeing?

Over the past two weeks, I’ve seen a large increase in the number of spam comments that look similar to this one:

Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same sort of spam? The good news is that Akismet has done a great job catching the messages before they go live.

6 thoughts on “What Comment Spam Are You Seeing?

  1. I am getting a LOT more spam pretty much across the board on all my blogs lately. It’s really annoying! Many of them are getting past akismet because they somewhat look legit but I can tell they are not. Akismet does seem to be catching a lot more too. There will be hundreds in there just a day or two after I empty it.

  2. Most of the spams that I get that are not complete garble say “I didn’t agree with you at first, but the last paragraph makes sense to me.”

  3. Interesting that Akismet didn’t catch it. I know WLTC has a lot of these hitting the blog and my own personal blog is being hit with them as well.

  4. I just got this a couple hours ago: “Thanks for such an important articles about shopping. This is a very needed info about shopping sites.”

    The URL was a deeplink on a .info site. Akismet didn’t catch it.

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