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Since I’ve started to blog on serious level, I’ve come to find out that the most important page on my blog was the About page. I’ve spent quite a bit of time browsing the web and I’ve noticed myself looking for the About page quite often as the sites purpose was not immediately defined. I’ve been thankful to those who have a page set aside to describe what their site is all about. For those that don’t have an about page, you are truly doing yourself and your audience a dis service.

Tips on writing a good about page:

  1. First, make sure the link to your About page is in an expected location. Typically, the majority of sites either place an about link at the top or bottom of the site within the navigation links.
  2. In the first paragraph, be clear, concise and to the point in a paragraph or less as to what your blog is all about.
  3. The about page is a nice place to present an image of yourself to let people know you are a human being.
  4. For personal blogs, you can add profile information such as name, occupation, and miscellaneous information.
  5. Near the bottom of the about page, I suggest providing readers with a descriptive backlog as to why your blog exists. This includes highlighting the topics you write about, the goals you have in mind, and your inspiration for blogging.
  6. At the end of the about page, give your readers links to other places on the web where they can find your work.

So tell me, have you ever visited a web site that you wanted to know more about but yet, you couldn’t find an about page? Does this frustrate you? Have you taken the time recently to give your About page the love it deserves?

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  1. I see what you mean. I’ve pretty much limited myself to one blog so far, that being my own site. Less for me to maintain and easier for me to manage. I’m in a different boat than you though in terms of writing and monetizing. 2 or more blogs would be a real pain for me to maintain let alone more than that.

    And I did answer your PM and sent you a reply.

  2. Great advice. My problem is that with as many sites as I have, I get sick of saying the same thing all the time about me. So I usually write a bit about the site and a bit about who might be a reader. Still, it gets tiresome writing so many “About” pages and so I’ve been remiss.

    BTW Jeff, I’ve PM’d you about something.

  3. That is pretty much how I’ve used my own About Page on my own blog. When checking my blog stats, I’ve noticed that it’s one of the most popular pages on my blog.

  4. Which page do you think is more important on a website, the Contact Info page or the About page?

    By the way, had to publish that first post to get the jitters out of me. Now maybe I can concentrate on keeping the ball rolling.

  5. I use my About Me page to list my credentials, the books I’ve written, the projects I’ve done, etc.

    I’ve found it provides a resume of sorts for professional inquiries.

    Data points,


  6. Oh, so many sites I have visited do not have about pages.

    But, it is really annoying when you go to really professional looking site that has everything except an about page. That, or they put it in a weird spot or name it something confusing.

    Same thing with advertising pages as well.

    If you are not going to have an about page (for who knows what reason) at least have contact information near the top of a sidebar or near the top or bottom of the page. Something is better than nothing.

    How does it feel to get the first one done? 😀

  7. Thank you Seirra. I’ve come to find out that if a site doesn’t have an about page, the chances of me revisiting that site go down tremendously. I remember a few times where I’ve written a post and needed to refer to the about page only to find out there was none. This resulted in the post going to the trash bin 🙁

  8. I love the About page and it really drives me crazy when I can’t find one. For me if there is no About page I don’t give a crap about their blog/site b/c they didn’t take the time to show readers personality….btw good post

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