Weekly Link Dump Three

Thank goodness the cold I had is finally gone. This threw me out of whack last week and I am still trying to get back in the groove of things. Until then, check out some of these links to good reading I found within my feedreader.

13 Ways to Promote Your Next Blog Post

Helping in the WordPress Forums is an Education

Where I Get Story Ideas

Are You A Writer?

41 Internet Marketing Tactics – Take the Poll

Is removing the nofollow tag from comments a good idea?

Using Customer’s Sales Objections to Sell More

Blogging The Inc

After you’re done reading, come on back and lets talk about one or more of the articles listed above. I think the topic of removing nofollow from comments may be a good place to start.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Link Dump Three

  1. Not yet as I wanted to perform the experiment behind the scenes and then report back the results. It has only been a week since I turned them off and I’ll wait one more before I make up my mind.

  2. A few people have actually said the same so perhaps I have a skewed view. When I removed it I had a huge influx of spammers and generally the quality of comments went way down. Have you promoted the fact that dofollow has been removed from your blog? I think this plays a big factor.

  3. No problem Kevin, I’ve been a subscriber to your stuff for quite a while. To be honest, I’ve actually disabled the DoFollow plugin on my own WordPress blog as an experiment to see if I would stop receiving stupid comments which looks like they were made, just to be published on the site with the DoFollow attribute attached to them. So far, I haven’t seen the amount of spam going down. I wonder if that is because it takes awhile for my site to stop showing up in those software programs which lists sites that have NoFollow disabled?

  4. Thanks for the link Jeff. The nofollow debate is something I have followed but I have to give credit to SEOAly as her decision to remove the nofollow tag for a while was the inspiration for the post

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