Weekly Link Dump Five

Time to share some stories that came across the FeedReader that I found to be interesting but didn’t have enough time to write about.

U.S. Election Infographics – Infographicsnews takes a look at what the different infographic departments for newspapers across the world did with the U.S. elections.

7 Minimal WP Themes To Use As A Framework – Seven WordPress themes that have only a minimal amount of styling applied which makes for a good framework to build off of.

75 Hottest Business Card Designs – 75 of the best design business cards around. Proves that even business cards don’t have to be relegated to a plain white card with black text on it.

6 Different Sites To View Source Code – Most people seem to end up reviewing existing code that they didn’t write. This article provides sites that will help you wiggle through existing source code.

Crediting Authors In Your RSS Feed – This tip by Sarah explains how to give your blog authors credit within the sites main RSS feed. Great to do if you are operating a multi-author blog.

Ann Arbor News Reports On Blogging – The Ann Arbor News website interviews Paul Resnick, a professor with the University of Michigan School of Information and gets his take on this thing called blogging.

Make Your Blog Popular – Tips and advice on how to make your blog popular. I especially enjoyed the tip telling you to think like a drug dealer!