Weekend Work—Recap Your Best Content

Ah, the weekend is finally here, and while most of us want to sit back and relax, others are making the best use of the time available to them. One way to do this is by adding content to your site that will not take up too much of your time. This is where a recap of your content comes into play. Not only would you be be recycling older content, but you will also give readers who missed out the opportunity to catch up.

The fact of the matter is that it works. It gives you something to do over the weekend that is reasonably easy to complete while providing useful (even if recycled) content for your readers. There is no hidden science to this though, and this article doesn’t even require much explanation on how to get this done.

It could be simple — like a list — or complex — like a picture and a paragraph. Regardless, the point of this is to highlight your best content from the previous week, month, or even year (depending on how often you do this sort of thing).

However, there are even more creative ways to do a weekly or monthly recap. You might consider doing a podcast (similar to Perfcast) or a video blog for your site. You could take a different twist on a typical recap, and you could perhaps add updates to all your stories, inform readers of which content was most popular, or reflect on your stories to make your work even more worthy of a read. The more creativity, the more interesting your recaps can be.

Authors on other blogs like Read/Write Web and Complex (I really like how Complex does their recaps) do this on a regular basis. Perhaps, after reading this, you will have some creative ways to make use of your recent content as well.

If you happen to recap your work on a regular basis, why not post a link below in the comments section so that others can learn by example.

5 thoughts on “Weekend Work—Recap Your Best Content

  1. Excellent work you guys. Glad the recaps work well for most of you. They are indeed great for SEO, something I left out, but still important. Hopefully others see the usefulness in doing this as well.

  2. I’ve been doing weekly recaps for about three months now, and they have proven to be quite popular with my readers. Not only do I recap my articles from the week gone by, but I also highlight the best articles from my niche – public speaking and presentation skills. This way, the recaps are useful for subscribers who read every article, as well as those who may only read once in a while.
    e.g. Weekly Reviews

    I recently did a six month recap of my best content.

    One thing I’ve seen done by others (and which I attempted to do) was look to the future in these recaps. The idea being: show the good in past writings, and demonstrate that it will continue and get better in the future.

  3. I believe this is great to do so and also for SEO purposes. The more in content links you can point to your other pages the better. For example….. wikipedia.

  4. Hi in doing my weekend recap, I saw many posts about google doing funny things with page rank, and your site was mentioned – how could this affect people and what can they do about it, cheers, peter

  5. Every weekend I do a post called “Cigar Links”

    I talk about a cigar review I did in the past and my current thoughts on the cigar. Then I link out of reviews on other sites in the post.

    I kinda kill two birds with one stone. I recap an old post and share some link love.

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