Web Design Glossary, Nice Resource, Better Linkbait

I was just pointed to a nice glossary of web design terms. Old hands might find they know everything in there (you might be surprised) but they do take suggestions if there is something they have missed.

Rather than just have the term and a definition they have obviously worked hard to provide enough detail to be truly useful, with proper explanations that really describe the meaning. Where the source of the material is from outside they do give credit, only time will tell how much of it is original as surely the originator will come looking!

I have never heard of “Motive” before but now I can guarantee a lot more people now have this New Zealand web firm on their radar, if anything this shows how with a little bit of work you can get some great attention and links without having to go begging or spamming.

Have a think if your niche could do with something similar …

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2 thoughts on “Web Design Glossary, Nice Resource, Better Linkbait

  1. I know this is an older post, but the idea is just as relevant today. “Glossary” type compilations or listings of web resources on certain topics (SEO, graphics tools, etc.) are “evergreen” link bait topics. I always bookmark sites where the owner has taken the time to put together an all-in-one resource listing for a topic I’m interested in. Saves me loads of time tracking those resources down for myself.

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