Typepad’s Mea Culpa – Is It Enough?

Due to poor, slow, and spotty service in the last month or two, Typepad has announced an odd compensation plan to all of its customers. Basically, users can choose to get 15 days of hosting free, or 30, or 45, or zero, depending on what they think they deserve. Well what if I deserve more?

I personally host around 4 dozen blogs with Typepad, so the poor service has affected my business quite a lot. 45 days of free service only amounts to about $20 USD. Compared to the revenue I lose when my writing team can’t post, this is negligable.

I have generally liked Typepad, but it made me think–do I really want to be dependant on this company for a core service? On the other hand, other web hosts are not immune to problems like these, and sometimes they’re a lot worse. Typepad at least owned up to their problems, and are trying to make it right.

The question is, did they do enough?

And do you Typepad users still feel comfortable with this company?