Typepad Crashed Again, I Must Be An Idiot

Remember when Typepad’s hosting took a nosedive last month? In general, TypePad customers were forgiving as the company seemed sufficiently apologetic (and they gave us a cookie).

Here’s what I said about it then:

I have generally liked Typepad, but it made me think–do I really want to be dependant on this company for a core service? On the other hand, other web hosts are not immune to problems like these, and sometimes they’re a lot worse. Typepad at least owned up to their problems, and are trying to make it right.

Well let’s be honest, I’m a freakin’ idiot for staying with these goofs. It was out again and this time even InformationWeek covered it.

So will this finally push me over the edge and force me to make the switch to self-hosted Movable Type? Or will I continue to be lazy and stay with a hosting company that isn’t living up to its commitments?

(The smart money’s on my continued laziness.)

Typepad users, are any of you fed up enough to leave?

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