Two Teen Blogging Networks Merge Into One

The Teens In Tech blogging network which is operated by CEO Daniel Brusilovsky who only happens to be 16 years of age has merged with the Youth Bloggers Network. According to a post written on the Teens In Tech blog the two networks should compliment each other nicely:

We figured that YBN and TinT complement each other very nicely. TinT offers a place where teens can get set up with a free blog, while YBN offers a community for young bloggers to collaborate, communicate, and grow their blogs and projects.

Teens In Tech is currently still in private beta while Youth Bloggers has over 150 members. YBN looks like it will be used as a means of turning the entire company into a center point for teen bloggers to use not only for publishing content, but for establishing the site as their social network. I’m impressed by what Daniel has been able to accomplish with regards to running a company at just 16 years old. It wasn’t too long ago when Daniel was on stage at his own Teens In Tech conference discussing teen trends and basically, all things teen. This kid has a bright future ahead of him.

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