Twitter as Popularity Contest

I love Twitter. Of course I didn’t always, I have both loved and hated it with equal measure. It can be an incredible waste of time but if you are careful about who you follow there is just the right mix of socializing and signal v noise that I am kept involved.

The funny thing is the service today has been taken over by talk of the “Tweeterboard” which ranks users based on their conversations by counting how many times their name is referenced. Will this turn it into a popularity contest?

It seems if today is any indication, a lot of people are trying to game their rankings. I do hope this is a one day aberration.

What do you think? Do you Twitter? Will this spoil it for you?

10 thoughts on “Twitter as Popularity Contest

  1. I’ve twittered a little bit, get a tiny bit of traffic but nothing to write home about. Blog posts which I know are incredibly useful for my niche, I submit through Twitter, Stumble Upon and ping it around the net, so Google picks the post up quickly.

    I wouldn’t say it’s addictive though.

  2. Coffee is not addicting, that is just propaganda put out by the tea lobby and people who haven’t drunk enough espresso yet 😉

  3. I like Twitter. I can talk but not have to say too much. I can promote my blog posts and I can stalk some of my favorite bloggers. It can be addicting, for sure, but no more addicting than coffee.

  4. Tried to Twitter, but mostly got too busy and completely forgot about it. Haven’t twittered in a bit. That sounded weird.

  5. Madness, there is no such thing as too much coffee. I get twitchy when I have too much blood in my coffee system 😉

    I know what you mean about Twitter but there is signal in all that noise if/when you follow the right people. Ruthlessly trim anyone who doesn’t make your own personal criteria.

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