Twitter: A Desktop Client Goes A Long Way

I keep noticing people questioning the usefulness of Twitter while using the service. The catch is that each of these people are—usually—using the website to “tweet” throughout the day. What fun is that? After all, if you were going to utilize a web browser, Jaiku would be the better option. The reason Twitter has become so popular is because of the third-party applications that have been developed for it, and if you’re not using, at the very least, a desktop client, you are missing a significant portion of the Twitter experience.

The desktop client gives you an almost instantaneous connection with your friends. In some sense, Twitter can act as a a huge resource for live news. People that provide links to great content on the web are worth following, and I am sure that, with time, Twitter will have tools developed for it to manage and save the information. Previously, I wrote about how useful Twitter can be to the dedicated blogger, and a desktop client is the way to maximize the usefulness.

Hopefully those of you that are still on the edge of your seat about Twitter will take my advice here and check out a desktop client. It will enhance the usefulness and fun with Twitter. I don’t think Twitter is worth much at all without these various applications, and it is no wonder why so many people that are new to Twitter think it is pointless; I did as well when I first started using it. So, I have decided to compile a simple listing of the various clients you can try. My favorite is Twhirl, but there are many great alternatives as well.

Desktop Clients

Twitter Clients for Windows:

Twitter Clients for Mac:

Twitter Clients for Linux:

Multi-platform Twitter Clients:

Let me know what you think of Twitter after using one of these clients. It might possibly change your mind about Twitter’s usefulness if you are not a fan.

13 thoughts on “Twitter: A Desktop Client Goes A Long Way

  1. can I use a desktop client to “tweet” and “twitter” without a mobile phone or purchasing some service.?

  2. Ah, but that is a mobile client, and that is another post in itself 😉 Will keep that in mind. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Yeah, I think Twhirl is one of the best clients, and it can be used across multiple platforms which is nice. I also like the ability to connect to multiple accounts.

  4. I use Twhirl and its works fine. Twitter’s one of strangest things on the web: powerful but maybe misunderstood. I’m still trying to figure out where it can go.

    But you’re right, using a desktop brings it more alive. Twitter’s web site cheats itself I think (maybe that’s where newbies get stuck: they don’t really see anything to “get”).

    I haven’t Tweeted on mobile, but I’m sure that’s another platform where Twitter comes together.

    I haven’t used the other clients (will probably try TwitBin) but I have no complaints yet about Twhirl. Good recommendation for the unconvinced.

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