Twenty Guest Posts In A Week: Can We Do It?

My friend Dee Barizo tells me that the two most under-utilized methods of networking are Guest Posts and Interviews. I think he’s right.

The great thing about Guest Posts and Interviews is that they can be 100% organic and good for the web (nutrition for the Internet).

Next week I’ll focus on Interviews, but this week, I’d like to focus on Guest Posts.

Guest posting is good for both the writer and the blog owner. The writer gets free exposure and a free link or two. The blog owner gets fresh-thinking, outside the box content which appeals to “variety is the spice of life” blog readers.

So here’s the deal. Performancing has about 10 or so probloggers, who want to do a guest blog post on your blog. All you need to do is post the URL to your blog in the comment section of this post within 7 days, and we’ll select our favorite twenty. We’ll then not only do a quality guest post at your blog, but also feature the article in a few weeks on our site when we list all twenty of our guest blog posts for Performancing readers to check out.

So what are you waiting for? Get your blog some exposure!

64 thoughts on “Twenty Guest Posts In A Week: Can We Do It?

  1. Hey,

    If you’re still looking…

    I’d love a guest post!



  2. Hey Ryan, what are those number that you assigned to each blog? By looking at the numbers, my guess is that this is somehow related to the popularity of the sites, but I could be wrong

  3. We’ll be picking 20 sites to guest blog on next week. Last chance to throw yours into the mix.

  4. Summary of submissions so far: – 40.6 – 22.55 – 5.35 – 23.01 – 27.53 – 4.69 – 32.16 – 35.75 – 21.26 – 2.2 – 30.03 – 42.31 – 36.13 – 27.21 – 40.66 – 33.01 – 5.57 – 18.08 – 19.55 – 11.27 – 41.18 – 18.25 – 4.15 – 13.94 – 15 – 21.81 – 25.03 – 33.48 – 26.09 – 18.67 – 27.45 – 24.94 – 41.88 – 24.01 – 12.87 – 21.87 – 42.53 – 27.14 – 18.08 – 0.71 – 19.81 – 11.37 – 13.03 – 20.14 – 4.89 – 5.93

  5. Excellent idea! I have enjoyed your website posts and implemented some of your suggestions on my own blog. I am looking forward to seeing how guest posts can boost traffic on other sites. I would be honored if you would consider posting on my site:

    Jesse Chan

  6. 20 posts in a week… Think of the stress picking which blogs to post on, and then getting the posts done. Not to mention the writer’s cramps from all that computer typing. You all might like to stop over at for stress and pain management tips! 😉

    If there’s something relevant to coping with chronic pain that you’d like to do, I’d really like to have you post. I do have guest posts from time to time. I’ve enjoyed your health and motivational posts recently.

    Good idea, Ryan!

  7. Internet business news, as well as analysis of controversial politics (i.e. that not reported by the mainstream media) and how it relates to Internet business.

    my blog: Kid Mercury Blog

    I’d very much welcome a post from a guest blogger.

  8. Hey

    The performancing crew will always be welcomed to blog over at [GAS]. We’ve got a great audience! The blog is really about anything that relates to geekdom, so the type of content we blog about is fairly large and varied..

    [GAS] Technology News

  9. Hi

    My blog is about such methods for software development that encourage frequent real world checkpoints, deep customer involvement, iterativity and common sense – pretty much like problogging. And for the same reason: in problogging the environment and “customer” desires are often as unsure as in SW development.

    It would be interesting to have a look at the parallels between problogging and agile methods.

    Best regards,

  10. I’d love to host a guest post. Anything tech, blog, or law related. I’d be glad to return the favor as well

    Check my site out at

  11. Here is a blog that I write for: The owner said I could have guest bloggers. The blog is about online business and making money online.

    Also, I’m also willing to guest post. I like writing about SEO and social media marketing. Also, I love board games so I could post on Yehuda’s boardgame blog.

  12. Are any of the 10 probloggers vegetarians, cause that would be sweet. I welcome and would adore a guest post from one of you on Groovy Vegetarian. How about “King of the Nuts, Almonds” or something like that. Not to be too kissy ass, but i love your scriptfire, use it everyday.

  13. This is quite interesting.

    I think something like this would work well for bloggers who are trying to make money, write blogs about blogging or some other techno-niche. I am not sure how you guys can fit it in to the blogs of personal bloggers who do not blog for money, or have a particular niche.

    I’d like to see what a pro blogger would write on a blog of that kind and how a pro blogger would manage to make it relevant to a site which is not about blogging or trying to make money.

    If you’d like to try please come to my place.

  14. I am relatively new to blogging. I have been at it since April of this year.
    I would love the chance to have a PROBLOGGER do a guest post on my blog and to also let me know what they think of it.
    It is a blog on ways of making money online:

    Show Me The Money



  15. I can’t imagine what gems you could put on my blogspot, but I’d appreciate a visit:

    This is a humour injected blog looking at the differences between men and women and why we love each other and why we do not!

    Recent posts:
    Why women fake it
    Why men prefer Dumb blondes
    Does size matter
    I can’t…I’m on my period!

    Check it out….

  16. My main blog is . It’s a high PR blog, but about board games mostly. I can’t imagine that would suit your posters!

    My other fledgling blog is . It’s about corporate blogging, but it hasn’t got a PR yet. (And I’m not really trying, I’m just having fun with it at the moment, since my time is actually devoted to my corporate blogging job.)


  17. I do interviews with others on a regular basis and I’d enjoy having one of your bloggers do a guest post.

  18. Of course, the implicit rule behind guest posting is that the site owner has the final editorial say. But guest posts from Performancing Admins will be very high quality.

  19. if anyone is interested in writing about sports technology, is open for a guest blog.

    I’d love to guest on several of the blogs here, this is a fantastic idea ryan.

  20. If you have any fitness-minded folks, they can see if there is something they’d like to write about that would fit in at Run to Win. The site is about health and fitness in general, with a focus on running in particular.

  21. howse6977,
    you should consider writing a guest post at Performancing especially considering that I’m doing a post on the crucial need for bloggers to take their health seriously. btw, kudos to you for taking action!!! just remember that the most important aspect of weight loss, in my view, is the exercise side. Be active at least 1 hour per day, stay away from processed carbs, and you can really do it!

  22. auer1816, even with requiring signups, we still get about 250 spam submissions per minute. Our site would be over-ridden if it were completely open. Sorry for the inconvenience…but it’s a necessity.

  23. I could go for that. The blog is all about digital photography and everything that entails.

    Epic Edits Weblog

    By the way, you finally got me to sign up to post comments. I’ve wanted to in the past, but I’ve always resisted because I didn’t want to sign up for yet another account. Well, you got me now.

  24. I’ve been dipping my toe in the waters of inviting some guest posting and would appreciate a post at
    Thanks! Great idea!


    I’m a 29 year old female on a mission to lose 100 pounds. I’m new in the blogging world and I would like to met people who share the same interest- losing weight! I want the world to join me on my journey. I have pictures posted on my site and I update my blog daily (4-5 times). Thank you for the opportunity and great idea Ryan!

    Thank you!

  26. What an great idea … it would be really interesting to see a guest post at my brand new blog I’ve done no marketing on it yet, because it is so new, and I’d love to see another take on the subject – and get the blog some notice at the same time.

  27. could use some blogging love as it continues to expand and grow, especially because I am hoping to find some guest hosts for my weekly podcast…

    Thanks again for being a community leader.

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