Try Tweeting Less Links

Twitter is a hugely important platform for businesses to be on and utilising in their social media tool belt, unless a firm already has a lot of traction online or is advertising their account then getting your content noticed in amongst the hundreds and thousands of other Tweets in a users stream is going to be tough!

Although there are a lot of guides out there providing tips on how to grow your Twitter account not all these strategies work for everyone and it’s important to experiment with different tactics.

I stumbled across this interesting post the other day on, the author Jason Keath had observed how Conrad Hacket who works for Pew Research, had sent the exact same Tweet 20 minutes apart (back in August) on some data relating to population growth by 2050. What was interesting about the second Tweet was that he didn’t include a link to the original data source, he simply used the content of the most populous countries, however the second Tweet was re-shared almost 300 times where as the first one with the link in it only 86 times. See for yourself:

This is just a single example so obviously nothing is conclusive here but it’s an interesting experiment. Why the Tweet without the link got more shares and reactions isn’t clear but I would say that Conrad appearing to be providing useful information & data himself instead of just re-sharing something from a website as pulled in his followers attention. Also when a link is shared you are prompting your followers to click that link which will take them out of Twitter and thus reducing the chance of them sharing your Tweet.

If you are normally Tweeting links on your account either from your own website or others, try changing this tactic up a bit and share the data from these posts without any link and see what happens.

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14 thoughts on “Try Tweeting Less Links

  1. Twitter is now most used platform and it is very dynamic. With your ideas we can get some hint on how to do twitter marketing based on sharing.

  2. I believe in 40:60 Ration that means sharing others info more than your’s content,, because in social media term is sharing is caring.. Try to post more visual content.. Thanks and Keep Writing..

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  4. Great post on twitter marketing.Twitter is one of the fastest social network to share our ideas with our circles and it is very useful for all.

  5. Some of the twitter tips will include the following rules and issues. Customize your profile, use twitter search, create useful and interesting tweets, create and use lists. By advertising you can get the tweeting function as possible as you can.

  6. Twitter analytics, this is good information, to know regarding the use of your account. I agree with all the tactics. Engagement is what you want and to give valuable and useful information, to your visitors. This is what keeps people wanting more of your content. You always want your visitors to have trending, and the most popular informative.

  7. Hello, nice to meet you !
    i think to get twitter marketing you have to be a Good author and must be build trust by implement your account and tweet.
    Because people do spamming using twitter.
    But i have 11k follower but conversation rate much lower !
    loved your post, By the way i am lutfar and my first visit to your site !

    1. Extraordinary post on twitter marketing.Twitter is one of the speediest informal organization to impart our thoughts to our circles and it is exceptionally valuable for all.

  8. If you want a message to proliferate on Twitter, it’s ideal to keep it under 120 characters so your followers can easily add RT @YourHandle in front of the tweet.

  9. Twitter marvel Dan Zarrella’s investigation proposes your incorporate connections in 60-80% of your tweets as the “sweet spot for retweets.”

    There is a mixed up conviction that the more you tweet, the more ROI you’ll get from Twitter.

  10. In twitter you have to follow some rules which is less twitting, descriptive hash tags and all other character should informative.

  11. probably because they didnt follow the link and were land locked into the platform made them engage more

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