Trends, Not Figures Key to Blog Stats?

Tris Hussey wrote a cool review of Performancing Metrics recently where he recommends looking at blog stats in terms of trends rather than figures. It’s worth a read if like us,your blog stats are important ot you.

It’s also a pretty good recommendation for Performancing Metrics, which incidentally, passed the 10,000 mark for blogs being tracked a couple of weeks back….

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2 thoughts on “Trends, Not Figures Key to Blog Stats?

  1. Sorry been under the weather and wasn’t able to comment until now. Thanks for linking to the post. Some of the cool trends to watch are which days are your high readership days and what search terms are being used. I also like to look at which posts generate the most Adsense clicks … gives me an idea of the quality of the ads.

  2. Congratulations! Maybe it is time to give some roadbook information?

    There is German blog counter which has a high reputation here in Germany. Dirk offers some nice public features which would be great features also for PMetrics. I am comparing both at the moment and my resume is that PMetrics is superior.

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