Translating Performancing Firefox – Looking for Partners

We’re getting pretty close to releasing the next version of Performancing Firefox, and it promises to be a significant release in that for the first time, users will be able to use the blogosphere’s #1 blogging tool in their own language. Provided we can enlist your help with translations of course.

Looking for Partners

When we release in new languages, it would be a good idea to be able to promote Performancing Firefox in the local language, and for that, we’re looking to team up with people and organizations that have a [insert language here] audience that will be able to let their readers/users know about the language release aswell as help us maintain the translation files and address the Performancing audience in that language in the form of an announcement here on the site.

In return, we would like to help promote you or your service to those of our memebers that speak your language.

Who this Would Work Well For

If you run a blogging service, or a popular blog in your own language, please contact me ([email protected]) in english. We are already teaming up with some great folks for an Arabic version of PFF and would love to speak to people initially about other major languages before we start tackling smaller ones.

How YOU Can Help

If you’re German, French, Spanish, Chinese […..] and do not run a popular site/service in your language, you can still help, and we’d be very very grateful if you would.

What we’d like, is to make contact with Performancing members that can help us reach the right people to team up with, and work with us as liasons to those groups. Again, please email me at [email protected]

We’d also welcome any comments and pointers or suggestions you may have on the subject in general, and the comments section of this thread is the best spot for discussion

Thanks everyone!

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