Top 20 Blogs, Ranked By Performancing Metrics

Would you like to know how your blog compares against the others? A while ago markjoyner asked if we could create a chart showing the top blogs, little did he know we were working on just that (and more).

While we are not quite ready to make a full announcement, as it is Friday I thought it would be fun to just show the top 20. These entries are not filtered in any way apart from to only include those with public stats allowed, and our ranking for this list is purely based on traffic, look to the next announcement for our plans going forward. More news on this next week …

So here you are, the top 20 blogs ranked by Performancing Metrics. Enjoy!


So where do you rank? As mentioned above, this is just a teaser to wet your appetite, more news will be forthcoming soon. One thing you can do in the meantime is make your stats public, without enabling public stats we will not be able to show your ranking. For example, Performancing is really ranked number 41 but a lot of blogs above us keep their stats private. If you want to see your rank switch on public stats before next week!

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12 thoughts on “Top 20 Blogs, Ranked By Performancing Metrics

  1. It would be nice to see the real ranking number (only the number) in the PMetrics stats. I am sure you have been thinking about an anonymized list 🙂

  2. The only difference is this is the top 20 blogs with public stats not the top 20 overall.

  3. What are the differences between this top 20 and “the real” top 20, besides the fact that this top 20 only contains sites with public stats? I am a bit confused about the different definitions people seem to have for ranking/real ranking/traffic and the like.

  4. My thoughts are … am I in the top 20?

    I don’t think you’d have a real problem naming the top 20, as long as you gave no details. You’re just comparing a few sites’ traffic, not giving away the secrets to their success.

    That said, it might be worth a quick email just to alert people to it. That way, if they don’t want themselves on a list, they can just ask to be removed …


  5. Abhinav, expect a wide difference between our results and Alexas, Alexa is a proxy for traffic figures rather than an accurate record, so many things can influence an Alexa result for good and bad.

    I would love to show the actual top 20 but I think we need to sample peoples opinions on this so please do speak up if you have thoughts on the issue!

  6. If Google can display a site’s pagerank without permission, you can surely do it. Don’t know of anyone who would say “no-thanks” for the publicity.

  7. Actually, the REAL top 20 is very diff. Patrick and I are thinking it’s ok to show the real top20 as we’re not showing anyones actual traffic, just the fact that they are ranked.


  8. I am surprised that my website is not in your top twenty despite rated higher in alexa compared to most websites that you have listed…

  9. Never thought about that, I’m @ 19, Thanks for the groups behind Performancing

  10. Wow, my site ranks #7! This is incredible, especialy since the concept of Performancing was one of the main inspirators for how I built my site. Thanks for the inspiration and a great tool! I’m looking forward to see the charts.

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