Tis The Season To Monetize

Right now if you venture out away from your computer you will have noticed something odd about the people around you, particularly parents of young children. Notice the mad glint in their eyes? The panicked expression? The beads of sweat and that dodgy-looking vein pulsing in their foreheads? Yup, it is that time of year where credit cards go into meltdown. Arguments about over-materialising the season aside, how can you take full advantage?

Regardless of your beliefs or attitude towards consumerism you can not get away from the fact people spend a lot of time and money devoted to buying Christmas presents. And it is not just the presents come to think about it, there are the parties, the decorations, travel arrangements, catering … and then right after there is new years.

Product Blogs

Product blogs are all about merchandise right? So right up front you product bloggers ought to be seriously thinking how you can make your blog totally appealing to the masses of people who are avoiding the malls and doing their shopping online.

Then there are all the people who know in the ballpark of what the want but need to do that product research so they don’t get ripped off, or maybe they want to get the best they can afford. You want your blog to be where they end up making the decisions.

In the UK it looks like yet again the stores will have sold out of the top most asked for (demanded?) presents, the XBox 360 and (this can’t be right) ) remote controlled Dalek?? There is bound to be a great deal of traffic to any blog that looks like they know where stocks are hidden.

The Rest Of Us

What if you are not a product blogger? How can the rest of us get some of this seasonal traffic?

Thing is, as you may well recognise in your own family at gift time, there are many people who are seemingly impossible to buy for. Take my Dad, he has interests but nobody knows enough about the topics to know what he needs and he will not tell you what he wants. Bloggers to the rescue!

For many niches you will know exactly the right gifts to buy the fans, hobbyists, enthusiasts, etc of your niche. You can even grade based on desirability, cost or utility. Everyone from Anglers to Golfers, fans of Hip Hop to Zoologists.

Still stuck? How about magazine subscriptions? I made a good old bundle with a magazine affiliate program last year. I never realised how seasonal magazine sales are but right after Christmas sales dropped off but leading up to the day it was brilliant. Many many topics will have the perfect magazine that is just perfect or round about appropriate.

What are you going to do?

Whether you believe in Santa Claus or not, play your cards right and you might have a pleasant surprise come December 25th. How are you approaching the season on your blog?