Tips For Getting StumbleUpon Traffic

Not getting any StumbleUpon traffic? If not, you may want to head on over to Website Host Reviews where Ryan outlines a list of possible reasons as to why you’re not getting traffic along with a list of tips on how to avoid getting on the bad side of StumbleUpon.

Not enough “up” votes on your articles, possibly within a certain duration after submission.

Too many “down” votes on your articles. Maybe your topic is of little interest to SU users, or of poor quality. Or someone doesn’t like you. (Ah the joys of social media.)

Poor categorization. If you don’t have friends submitting your content/ articles, it’s hard to control which categories are being used to tag submissions.

Speaking of StumbleUpon, have you noticed that the amount of traffic you get from the service is highly dependent on the initial submitter? If anyone else has tips or tricks regarding StumbleUpon traffic, please share them in the comments.

7 thoughts on “Tips For Getting StumbleUpon Traffic

  1. I have been trying to get traffic from SU and never succeed, only 4 – 5 people from 90 people of my friend were really seem to enjoyed reading my submitted article. But if i submit an unique image/gallery/photo, that post become popular, strange, maybe all SU user don seems enjoy to read long brief article i think..

  2. Hello,

    Great tips and check out stumbleupon to see what they have to offer. My blog is somewhat similar to the one you have here. Of course I hope to have the same kind of popularity for my blog like the one you have here. I did come up with a couple of article with regards to blogging. Hope you can drop by to give a comment or two about my article. Many thanks.

  3. Good point from both of the posters above. It is important to bare in mind that Stumble Upon is one of the whole mesh of means to get visitor numbers up and that in all cases needs to be a case of not putting all your eggs in one basket…

  4. The ease of getting traffic from StumbleUpon depends on your audience, and hence your market. If your audience is social media savvy, you’ll probably get more traffic from SU if your content is good. Otherwise, it might be worth your time to actually write up a post to educate and show your readers how to submit your content to SU, Digg, etc.

    Also, keep in mind that SU traffic often has a very high bounce rate, so its not always your best traffic source anyway.

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