Three Tips For Increasing Value Over Time

In an email exchange I had earlier today with another blogger, he said something which struck a chord with me. He told me that those who pay people to write for them are not only purchasing immediate value, but are also purchasing value that will increase with time. In essence, you publish a new article today and it holds immediate, near term value. As that post falls deeper into the archive, people are still finding that page by means of search engines or social media traffic. Therefor, if you were paid $25.00 to write a list post for whatever niche that site was within, chances are good that the site owner will make that money back and then some. Makes perfect business sense doesn’t it?

What if you’re blogging for yourself though? No worries as nothing is different. However, since you are in full control over your blog and what gets published, it’s important to review each post you publish to ensure that the proper steps have been made so that it increases in value while it sits in the archive. Here are a couple things you can do to insure that happens.

Proper Keywords – Make sure that the post title and the post content have the proper keywords. For example, if I were writing about a free icon pack that was released, I would put the name of the pack in the title as well as in the tags. I see people arriving at my site all the time because of one or two keywords that were in my post title.

Link Worthy – If possible, make your post as link worthy as possible. Give people a reason to link to it. The more links the better and the higher the article will show up on the SERPS.

Forget Digg Get Stumbled – If you make the front page of Digg, good. However, you can only make the front page of Digg once. With Stumbleupon, getting a rush of traffic is as easy as asking someone to submit the article to the service. After that, a few stumblers will come passing by and there is no telling when the next wave of stumblers will pass through.

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4 thoughts on “Three Tips For Increasing Value Over Time

  1. I don’t disagree, but..

    The page on my site with the most yearly traffic (about 60,000 uniques yearly) is 5 years old. The second biggest is 7 years old and still draws just under 60K uniques per year.

    But the two of them together only bring about $150.00 a year in revenue. Most posts don’t keep drawing big traffic year after year so don’t make much money overall. So, yes, I might pay $25.00 or even more for a post, but I’m going to need to believe it has staying power.

    Of course other posts with far less traffic can make far more – but you never know..

  2. Good point on StumbleUpon. Even today I get good number of visitors for some of my posts which were stumbled a while back.

  3. The disadvantage of that is that there is a chance that the article will be deleted. If you are paying 100 of writers. You couldn’t monitor it and you can’t even file a case against them.

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