Help Us Name our Our RSS Subscription Link

Taking the cue from a post on Copyblogger a while back, I now wonder what we should name our RSS subscription link in our site redesign. On the Blog Herald, Lorelle reinforces the view that using the term “subscribe” might turn away people.

True–“subscriptions” usually cost money. And folks are attracted to free stuff. While we do have a premium subscription site, the Hive, the main site content continues to be free, whether you read on-site, via email or your RSS reader.

So saying “Subscribe to Performancing” might come across incorrectly as Perf being a pay site.

Lorelle suggests you use clever ways to name your subscription links. For instance, a blog about cats can say “Track this cat,” and a blog about health or medicine can say “Get a daily dose …” But generic ones will work, too.

For, we need a catchy line for our RSS subscription link. If you can give us good suggestions, we will give the top choice a free year’s pro pMetrics subscription and a free six month membership to the Hive.

What do you think we should put up there on the RSS link?

10 thoughts on “Help Us Name our Our RSS Subscription Link

  1. I’m a fan of the Stay Updated! link. Keep Up To Date! or variations of the ones Rarst suggested above.

  2. I use “get updates” (“get updates via RSS”, “updates via RSS” as variations) at my blog. It clearly says what RSS function is (unlike complex wordplays on feed and other related terms).

    Function of text is clear explanation and getting attention of people that don’t know what RSS is or hadn’t tried it yet. Those who use it actively couldn’t care less about wording, they look for icon or auto-discovery.

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